4 More Ways You Could Be Ruining Your Car’s Paintwork

4 More Ways You Could Be Ruining Your Car’s Paintwork

As we covered in our earlier article, there is more to taking care of your vehicle’s paintwork than just washing it every week. Read our ‘4 More Ways You Could Be Ruining Your Car’s Paintwork’ article for more information.

4 More Ways You Could Be Ruining Your Car’s Paintwork

1. Water Spots

If you live in the North West, you will be used to the rain! As a result, your car soon ends up covered in water spots. Believe it or not, water can cause lasting damage to your paintwork, and these annoying spots are difficult to remove because of the minerals they contain.

How to remove water spots and marks

To remove water spots from your paintwork, wash your car with shampoo, then dry it thoroughly with a microfibre cloth. After removing the water blemishes, apply a layer of wax to your car to protect its paint.

2. Forgetting to Wash Regularly

To look their best, cars require regular washing. Neglect this part of your vehicle’s maintenance, and rust patches could develop – particularly in the winter months. We recommend washing your car fortnightly in the autumn and winter. Wax is also a very important product – apply it twice a year for the best protection.

How to remove dust from your car

You might be surprised by the amount of dust that builds up on your paintwork, dulling the finish. When your car is clean but dusty, a full shampoo can seem like too much effort. Instead, a high-quality duster can be used to sweep away the dust, without wetting the car. Make sure you use a premium-quality duster for cars, or you risk causing scratches and abrasions.

3. Fuel Stains

If you have had a spillage while refuelling, you may have a stain. Petrol, diesel, engine oil, and brake fluid all damage paintwork – leaving stains which can be almost impossible to remove if left.

Removing vehicle fluid stains from your car

If you spill fuel, oil, or coolant, wash it off as soon as possible using a circular motion to remove the stain with a clean microfibre cloth. If it won’t come off, wash the area again; dry it thoroughly with a microfibre cloth, then apply car polish to the affected area, again in a circular motion. The abrasive action of the polish should help to lift the stain. Once it has been removed, apply a layer of wax to protect the car. If you can’t get it off, contact the experts at CPR Liverpool car body repairs specialist for advice.

4. Prolonged Exposure to Sunshine

It isn’t often that cars in the UK suffer from prolonged exposure to sunlight! If there is a particularly long, sunny summer, sun exposure could cause your paintwork to fade.

Avoiding sun damage

The best way to avoid it is to park in a garage or shady spot whenever possible.

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