5 Ways You Could Be Ruining Your Car’s Paintwork

5 Ways You Could Be Ruining Your Car’s Paintwork

There is more to taking care of your car’s paintwork than the odd wash – it’s also about preserving the bodywork, protecting it from rust, and keeping its resale value when you sell it on. It’s not just car park prangs and vandalism that ruin your paint finish. Read our ‘5 Ways You Could Be Ruining Your Car’s Paintwork’ article for more information.

5 Ways You Could Be Ruining Your Car’s Paintwork

1. Fingerprints

Children love to write “Clean Me” into the dust on a dirty car. This fingertip graffiti can cause lasting damage to your paintwork by grinding dirt and debris into the paint.

How to remove fingerprints

First, give the car a thorough wash and check for any abrasion. Then, use a car polish to remove light marks or scratches.

2. Stone Chips

Chips from loose stones are a common cause of damage —, particularly on the bonnet and bumper.

How to remove stone chips

Stone chips can be difficult to remove yourself, but a professional like CPR Liverpool, car body repair Liverpool specialist can restore your car to look like new.

3. Bugs

Dead insects are acidic and can cause lasting damage to paintwork if not removed quickly. It is impossible to avoid bug splatters, but you can remove them after a long journey.

Removing bugs

If you can’t get bugs off with your usual car wash, special sprays are available.

4. Bird Droppings

Bird droppings are not just unsightly, they are extremely acidic and they can cause permanent damage to your paintwork. Birds eat nuts, seeds and bits of gravel and these too can scratch your paint if they are in a dropping that hits it.

Removing bird droppings from a car

To remove bird droppings, you can use a special spray and use a gentle, lifting motion, so you do not grind the dirt into the paint.

5. Tree Sap

Park under a tree and your car will soon receive a covering of sap which is really difficult to remove — especially if it dries. Tree sap is sticky, and attempting to wipe it off can spread it over a wider area.

How to remove tree sap

You risk damaging the paintwork if you scrub at tree sap so buy a proper product or consult an expert at CPR Liverpool car body repairs specialist to restore your cars paintwork.

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