What Affects My Car Trade In Value?

What Affects My Car Trade In Value?

Car depreciation happens quickly. The minute you drive your new car off the forecourt your vehicle loses up to a fifth of its value. In the first year, cars depreciate about 30%, and some models depreciate as much as two-thirds over the first three years. So how can you maximise your car’s trade in value when it comes to trade-in time?

What Affects My Car Trade In Value

Its appearance is a huge factor in a car’s trade-in value, and so keeping your car in top condition can make the difference between selling your car at a price you are happy to live with and feeling exploited. A scratch, scuff or dent may not be a big deal to you, but buyers are picky, and salespeople use every imperfection to drive down the price they offer you. Used vehicles are graded on a scale of Excellent, Good, Fair or Poor condition. More than three-quarters of vehicles are in the “Fair” category, and only a select few are deemed to be “Excellent.” Just a couple of small dents, paint chips or scratches can make the difference between “Good” and “Fair” or “Poor.

CPR Liverpool Car Body Repair

Dents and scuffs will inevitably happen, but before trading in your vehicle, you should have it professionally washed and get the scuffs and scrapes fixed to maximise its resale value. CPR Liverpool can do paintless Liverpool car dent repairs, and other Liverpool car body repair services including alloy wheel refurbishment. These are affordable services, and give an immediate return on investment when you sell your car on. Here at CPR Liverpool, we are experts at repairing damage, and even if you have had a minor prang, a repair often costs you less than the excess on your insurance – not to mention the extra costs from losing your No Claims Discount. Call us today to find out how we can help you.

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