Affordable Plant Machinery Painting

CPR Liverpool car body repairs Liverpool offers excellent services in the field of car body repairs. We have been in the business for nearly two decades and combine traditional body shop techniques with the contemporary S.M.A.R.T. repairs. We repair your car body parts rather than replacing them thereby saving money while bringing the vehicle back to original condition. We offer a wide range of services that are tailored to suit each customer’s needs.

Professional Affordable Plant Machinery Painting

Plant Machinery PaintingWe can also help you with affordable plant machinery painting. A necessary part of plant machinery maintenance is refurbishment, our service helps reduce costs. Some of the services that come under this are plant machinery painting and repainting, all types of plant machinery Rollers, Whackers, Scissor lifts, Truck/Lorry Repainting and Container and safety cage Repainting. We sand blast the paint to bare steel, then prepare, repaint and seal, then with renewed signage to the Vehicle/Machine you are ready to get back to work. Whatever be your requirement when you come to us we will ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

CPR Liverpool car body repairs, Liverpool is located 10 minutes away from Liverpool City Centre, with our plant machinery painting set up in Widnes which has excellent transport links. We carry out all the repairs at either of our repair centres, using the latest techniques and high quality materials we are only happy when you are happy. Whatever be the make or model of your vehicle, when it leave us it is showroom condition.

We also offer commercial fleet  & van body repairs for all the commercial van, car or truck operators. With our experience and expertise, we provide restoration of paint and refurbishment of wheels.  For commercial vehicle operators, it is essential to keep the fleet at its best to meet the growing demands and expectations of the customers making us the ideal choice for all your commercial fleet repairs. When a vehicle leaves us it is with the knowledge that we have done a proper job.

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