Alloy Wheel Diamond Cutting

Did you know that CPR Liverpool Liverpool alloy wheel refurbishment service is also able to provide a diamond cutting service for your alloy wheels? This process leaves your alloy wheels with a mirror like shiny machined alloy finish. This is achieved by placing the wheels onto a lathe and part or the entire alloy wheel is machined. Once this has been done the alloy wheels are coated with lacquer to prevent any corrosion.

Choosing An Alloy Wheel Diamond Cutting Finish

Although an alloy wheel diamond cutting finish is not possible on all cars, most of the alloy wheels we see on a daily basis can be skimmed in this fashion for the latest in alloy wheel style and to give your ride the look that gets you noticed by one and all. It can even add a little extra protection against kerbside scrapes, bumps and chipping from the road. These wear and tear hazards can leave unwanted damage and markings to your alloy wheel trims. There are only a handful of professional alloy wheel refurbishment specialist Engineering Firms in the UK who will restore the factory finish on your alloy wheels but remember that the first stone chip you encounter and the damage is there!

Here at Scuffs & Scratches Liverpool, we can remove the corrosion on your alloy wheels by sand blasting if necessary before coating the damaged area with a protective anti corrosion primer. We can then re-finish your alloy wheels in any colour of your choice. We have found this to be a very popular Liverpool car body repairs service as the transformation is stunning and offers real value for money over the replacement of your alloy wheels.

Diamond cut alloy wheel repairs

CPR Liverpool Liverpool offers the latest in alloy wheel refurbishment technology with a quick and reliable service on all our diamond cut alloy wheel repairs. From kerb scrapes to general wear and tear, let us handle your alloy wheel refurbishment for the best in quality alloy wheel repair.

Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels

Diamond cut alloy wheels need professional specialist care and servicing; not only can damaged alloy wheels spoil the whole look of your beloved car but water can seep in and cause long term damage to your alloy wheels. Our specialist team are experts in alloy wheels and our diamond cut alloy repair service is hassle free and quality assured as all of our work is guaranteed. Call us today on 0151 909 3450 for a free no obligation quote.

Examples of Alloy Wheel Damage

Click on an alloy wheel image below to enlarge.

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