Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

So you are looking over your shoulder, squeezing into the last parking space, when….Crunch!!  Come to us, we are the experts at alloy wheel repairs in Liverpool! Blemishes on alloy wheels can spoil the appearance of even the smartest looking vehicle.  Replacing alloy wheels can cost hundreds if not thousands of pounds depending on the make of your car.  Restoring the finish of your wheels  not only makes your whole car look like new again but can also help to maintain it’s market value.  That’s why our alloy wheel damage repair service represents real value for money.

Why settle for second best expertise and service? Here at CPR Car Body Repairs Liverpool, we will refurbish & restore your Alloy Wheels to make them look like new!

We always put quality first and refurbish the whole face of the alloy wheel! Accept nothing but the best, trust our top-class alloy wheel technicians to give your vehicle the service it deserves.! Why not come and visit our Liverpool body shop today or call us on  0151 909 3450

All CPR Liverpool Work Is GuaranteedWhat services do we provide?

We operate a dedicated alloy wheel damage repair department at our Liverpool car body shop.  Here we can restore the finish to all types of alloy wheels.  We can expertly repair:

Kerb Damage – The most common type of wheel damage

Corrosion – Caused by Road Salt, Acid Erosion or Oxidation of the Alloy

Discolouration – Caused by improper use of cleaning chemicals/brake dust contamination

Polished Alloy Wheels – We can restore these wheels to their polished condition, however, regular cleaning / polishing is required to maintain the finish.  We also recommend applying a dedicated alloy sealer wax to prevent future oxidation

Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels – If your wheels resemble the reflective surface on the back of a CD, then they have been diamond cut.  These wheels have a pattern etched into the surface of the alloy itself.  When this surface is perforated by a stone chip or kerb, the corrosion caused will work it’s way around the wheel, following the etched pattern until the whole surface is corroded and the lacquer simply flakes off.

Examples of different types of Alloy Wheel Damage

Click on an alloy wheel image below to enlarge.

Here at CPR Liverpool, we can remove the corrosion on these wheels by sand blasting where necessary.  Then we coat it with a protective anti corrosion primer.  Finally, we then re-finish the wheel in any colour of your choice. This is a very popular repair as the transformation is stunning and offers real value for money over the replacement.

Important Information:

Some of our competitors repair just the damaged area or the very edge of the rim but charge for a full repair.  We always put quality first and refurbish the whole face of the wheel, however, we can perform a cosmetic repair for those on a budget.

For an honest, professional service, just call us on 0151 909 3450, we’ll be happy to advise and give you an initial quotation.

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