Alloy Wheel Repairing Liverpool

At Scruffs n Scratches we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the best services for alloy wheel repairing Liverpool.

Scruff n Scratches car body repair are the unrivalled specialist in alloy wheel repairing Liverpool. We can repair any damage – helping to restore the alloys to the original manufacturer’s condition at the best prices in the Liverpool area. We can make your cars look brand new again.

Professional Alloy Wheel Repairing Liverpool

Alloy Wheel Repairing BeforeWe are made up of the best car team of mechanics, who are also car enthusiasts. Scruffs and Scratches will only settle for the highest quality of workmanship so that we have happy customers when they see their alloy wheel repair Liverpool. With many years of experience we naturally have an extensive range of skills and knowledge within the industry that we implement into our work, especially when it comes to car body repair Liverpool.

Everybody knows how easy it can be to slightly knock and damage your alloys.

Here we repair all:

  • Kerbed
  • Scratched
  • Corroded
  • Dented
  • Pitted

All Types of Alloy Wheel Repairing Liverpool

Alloy Wheel Repairing AfterIn addition, Scruff n Scratches also restore buckled and cracked alloys along with any pot-hole damaged alloys. it makes sense to go for alloy wheel refurbishment and alloy wheel repair because they are both a fraction of replacement costs.

Whether you catch your alloy on the kerb of a tight corner or have caught it when driving into one of the many unseen pot-holes on today’s roads – Scruffs and Scratches can fix them for you at the best prices in Liverpool.

A large portion of our customers are business owners who have a fleet of cars that they use daily for business purposes who like to exchange their vehicles when the leases are up every September – we help them to make sure every car they have is in tip top condition and offer them the best alloy wheel repair Liverpool.

Come and see Scruffs n Scratches for the best alloy wheel repairing Liverpool.

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