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Commercial Fleet Van Body Repair

Do you manage a fleet of trucks, trailers or vans ?  If so, then you’ll know how hard it is to find a reliable repair company that will provide great maintenance to keep your Fleet looking in tip top condition – after all they are the face of your company and show top professionalism.  This is why its important to keep on top of your Commercial Fleet Van Body Repairs.


Why must you maintain your Fleet of vehicles?

These type of vehicles will gain mileage much quicker than yours or my vehicle unless you are a Salesman.  Its important to schedule regular maintenance for you to ensure that your vehicles maintain their best performance.  This helps with easier stress free driving, better miles to the gallon, minimise repair costs in later months plus staff hourly pay sitting with broken down vehicle waiting to be picked up.

You need to minimise the downtime of your Fleet of Commercial Vehicles because any business Manager or Owner will know that downtime equals loss of sales which equals loss of profit.  Its always best advice for you to schedule your Fleet Maintenance to drastically reduce this downtime.  Regular maintenance and repairs is essential to get to where your business wants to be.  You also have a duty as an employer to ensure that their vehicle is road worthy and safe to drive and there is no potential harm to their lives or other drivers lives if there was an accident.


What are Reactional Repairs?

So you have an accident and circumstances are unforeseen, in that they are unexpected.  Its always good practice to write these into your budgets as you never know when accidents will happen.

A picture of a white van with accident damage before and after repair

Van accident body damage before and after repair

How important is regular maintenance?

Regular Maintenance won’t stop your vehicles breaking down but it will help lots to reduce the number amount of times.  You may have your own maintenance team who look after the mechanics of the Vehicle.  To minimise the length of time that the vehicle is in the Repair Shop, there are a few steps to speed up the repair process:

  • Look for parts availability
  • Redefine the repair process to reduce wasted time and downtime
  • See if you can schedule the repairs when the Vehicle is out of working hours
a picture of Commercial Van Fleet

Commercial Van Fleet

Control Downtime

If you are able to, scrutinise the Vehicles’ downtime by gathering data through an online fleet management website. Or you can do this on an Excel Spreadsheet which is managed by one Fleet Manager.  You would need to identify the age of vehicle, mileage, frequency of servicing , breakdowns, and the length of time the vehicle is off the road. This way, you should be able to predict issues and inspect where needed and take action to remedy the issue.  You may need to investigate reasons for wear and tear and possibly analyse driver behaviour and take action.  It is important for the drivers to respect their vehicle.

It is important for Fleet Managers and Drivers to co-operate and work together on this information to minimise downtime for the Commercial Fleet repairs to be completed.

What is the cost of uncontrolled Downtime?

There are lots of factors that you don’t normally see when your vehicle is out of commission such as:

  • Staffing costs – payment of wages when staff are on standby waiting for the vehicle to be back on the road
  • Regular repair costs of trying to put a plaster over the repair by repairing a small part of the larger problem just to get it on the road and it constantly breaking down rather than bit the bullet and fix the larger problem and have it done once and for all.
  • Other costs of uncontrolled downtime are possible loss of future sales – maybe the customer that you have let down won’t use your services in the future

Here at CPR Liverpool, we can help you maintain your fleet with our dedicated team of Experts.  You can call now 0151 909 3450, visit our website https://www.scuffsnscratches.co.uk/fleet-van-body-repairs/ or you are welcome to follow our social media pages:

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Car Detailer in Liverpool

Car Detailing in Liverpool Advice & Guidance

Why would you want to have your Car Detailed?

Ok so you start looking for your amazing car that is perfect for you.  You intend to look after it but don’t know where to start. All new cars have a showroom shine (that’s more like a gleam) that fades over time. It is important to keep the shine on your car and not let it go dull and grimy looking. If your car is looking grimy and the paint work is faded,  your car needs a decent detail.  If you are looking for Car Detailing in Liverpool then you have come to the right place.

What are your options?

You can put your car through the automatic car wash or you  wash it by hand but its important to keep that showroom shine and every once in a while have your Car Detailed. It can be a minefield finding an Expert Car Detailer….you need to find your expert Car Detailing in Liverpool.

We spend so much time in our cars and take a lot of pride in our perfect car.

It helps to create a great impression if your car is clean instead of grimy looking.

Car Detailing is much more than just cleaning the outside or an unaffordable luxury, nowadays it is much more achievable and is an increased cleanliness for the vehicle that you are in most of the time.

What’s the difference between washing your car versus detailing your car?

Washing your car is just a wash but Detailing your car means a thorough in depth deep clean using specialized products and tools.  This involves cleaning the cars paintwork to remove swirls  and scratches  to make it look almost brand new.

Why is it so important to Auto Detail your car?

  • To extend the lifespan of the paintwork helping the car to retain its value  helping it to depreciate at a lower rate
  • It helps your car maintain a higher resale value
  • Saves you money in the long run because you are protecting your cars paintwork by Auto Detailing
  • The owner feel good because having a great looking car is good for self esteem

Car Detailing in Liverpool can be expensive but covers the underneath , inside and outside but sometimes only the exterior of the car needs a new lease of life.  By carrying out intense polishing and applying protection coats to finish off, your car will look new again but its more affordable to achieve this.  This is ideal for Lease cars being returned.

See examples below:

Just look at the before and after photos of a Customers’ Car Detailing in Liverpool, the results speak for themselves:

Car Detail Liverpool

Car before Detailing


Gleaming Car after Detail

Car is gleaming after Detailing

So what does Exterior Auto Detailing include?

Alloy Wheels: these are cleaned using specialist cleaners which de-grime and degrease – the alloy wheels are removed to get a deep thorough clean.

Tyres: the sharp blackness on tyres  are re-enhanced using specific products

Hand Washing / Cleaning:  your car will be deeply washed and cleaned bringing out its gleam

Over time the car’s paintwork will suffer swirls which are a bit like spider webbing and the odd scratch which can be caused by bad washing / drying techniques or even putting the car through the automatic car body wash.  By using specialist  washing and drying techniques such as road dirt and road salt to get the vehicle ready for the next stage.

Removal of tiny particles: these are removed by using a specialist Automotive Clay Bar which removes any impurities , tightly bonded dirt, traces of overspray and other residue  such as Tree Sap, Bird Faeces , Tar or Environmental factors  and this also removes existing waxes that don’t come off with normal washing.  This also restores faded paint (eg; red paint that has gone slight pink) This then leaves a surface which is ready for the next stage.

Polish: We use a buffer machine which removes all fine damage on the paintwork which builds up over time or this is completed by hand depending on the state of the car’s paintwork.  This brings back the deep shine.

Waxing / Sealant: This is a deep gloss sealant paint that protects the paintwork with a durable coat. This will repel future minor marks and is essential to ensure that your car looks good in future.

Car Detail Before in Liverpool

Car paintwork looking very tired

Car paintwork after Detail

Car paintwork after Detail

Final Gloss Polish: Using Specialist Carnuba Wax this will be a high shine and make the car to look like just bought from brand new, remember that shine?  Well this is what you need to do the job. You can find Carnauba Wax Here

Things to avoid:

Once you’ve had your car detailed, routinely keep it in tip top condition to protect it from contamination and oxidation (rust).  To help with this, keep your eye out for the following things to avoid:

  • Splattered Insects
  • Stone Chips
  • Spilt fuel
  • Bird faeces
  • Ash
  • Drive Through Car Washes
  • Self clean car wash equipment
  • Tree Sap

If the above happens to your car, wipe them off as soon as you are aware of them.  If you see stone chips have them removed immediately to avoid any rust.


Car Detailing in Liverpool:

It is always best advice to have your car detailed regularly to keep your cars’ paintwork in pristine condition – by getting the attention of CPR Car Body Repairs Ltd, 60-61 Love Lane, Liverpool, L3 7DD – 0151 949 3150 – have a chat with Joe Woodhouse who will advise you the best way he can and can always give you an honest and reliable quotation – see our quotation link: Contact CPR Liverpool | Body Repair Centre | Merseyside (scuffsnscratches.co.uk)

Car detailing prices differ as it depends on different factors such as the size of the car, make of car, the quality of service, the more professional service, the higher the cost.

Getting the most out of your money:

Whatever the cost of the Auto Detail, you should always get the most out of your money by:

Using Materials Sparingly – if you decide to do your Auto Detail yourself you can make the materials a number of times to reduce costs.  Follow the instructions carefully otherwise you may go through your materials much quicker than expected or need to.

Look around for cheaper materials – Search the internet for cheaper products this will save you money in the long run

Keep on top of your Auto Detail – Regularly detailing your car will avoid you having to pay for expensive detailing because of build up of grime and other factors

What not to do after your Car Detailing?

Automatic car wash: please keep your cars pristine paintwork away from these car washes because they damage it so much leaving swirl marks on the paintwork.  They don’t really clean them properly they leave dirt all over the car in crevices etc.  These machines leave a residue of lots of other cars dirt on your car. So you think that you’ve cleaned your cars paintwork but in reality you’ve just wiped it lightly with a cloth and that’s all.  Your cars paintwork deserves more love and attention to detail than that.

What questions to ask Car Detailers?

  1. Services offered? – do they clean the windows?  Wheels and tyres?  Will they remove imperfections?
  2. Pricing – the more expensive Detailers use better quality products so this is something to think about when comparing prices to a much cheaper Detailer.
  3. Reviews – look on their social media platforms or Google reviews and see what reviews are on the website
  4. Mobile – Car Detailing takes approx 1.5 to complete and mobile saves you the time to drive to the Detailer and wait around or arrange other transport while the Detail is being completed.

There are lots of forums on the Internet where car enthusiasts exchange information.  This may help you in your quest for whether to have your car detailed.

Here at CPR Car Body Repairs Limited, we take the hassle and stress out of Car Detailing and have it done without you having to look around or do it yourself

For a quotation or advice – call Joe 0151 493 2600 / 07802348096

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Classic Car Restoration advice & guidance

So you want to Restore a Classic Car?

Classic cars are an item of great beauty that is so underrated nowadays.  However there are always some enthusiasts, who are considering to commence a Classic Car Restoration Project.   When restoration is completed correctly, normally there is profit to be made from a Classic Car Restoration in Liverpool.

Classic American Cadillac Before Restoration

Classic American Cadillac before restoration

American Plymouth Classic Car after restoration

American Plymouth Classic Car after restoration

When thinking about purchasing an old rusty Classic Car for Restoration it is advisable to follow these tips:

Classic Car Bodywork 

This normally the worst part of the project because of the unseen problems that emerge after you have dismantled a few parts of it and see what horrors may be  hidden beneath.

Classic Car Clubs

You can chat with your local Classic Car Club and see if a member has had a  similar Classic Car and the experience in this Classic Car Restoration or you can go to your local Classic Car Restoration Body shop in Liverpool.   Questions you can ask are what tools and approximate working area would you need for your Project?  .  

Area to work in

Classic Car Restoration can be completed in a normal size garage but it may delay the project and can be very uncomfortable while doing your Restoration Project.

If you have stripped the various parts off the car then you will work on each one individually (while the car is in the normal size garage) and you will need for this work to have space to dry separately from each other. You may also be clambering over lots of other stuff in the garage to do the work you want to do to you car. Keeping the area organised and tidy is a must for you to be able to work on your project


You will need spanners, pliers, hammers and screw drivers – these will allow help you to take apart the parts that you need to get the exact finish that you need.  A telescopic magnet will be useful for when you  drop a nut or bolt right into the engine area.

Heavy tools and technical machines may be essential at times during your project but they can be expensive so you may need the assistance of a Classic Car Restoration Specialist in Liverpool or whatever area you at some point during your Classic Car Restoration.

How to know what to look for what needs Restoring?

Have a look on You tube for ‘How to Restore your classic car’  maybe put your cars make in the search box too.  This will bring up lots of videos by Classic car enthusiasts that may show you how to fix that problem that you can’t get your head around.  Have a look at the internet for forums and car club sites that can advise on Vintage Car Restoration.  All the information you need is available on the Internet.

When to ask for advice or help?

When you get in touch with somebody who can help, you can ask them the car’s weak areas and other areas to check.  It would be a good idea to ask a Classic Car Restoration Specialist advice to ensure that you are going along the right track.  This advice will help you to plan what needs to be done in what sequence and also help you to get a budget together which is important.  You can’t restore a Classic Car without knowing how much it will cost you because one day you can hit a wall with finances and can’t go any further so your project flounders then can eventually stop.  If you take a project on like this, get all of the facts together before commencing.

Classic American Army Vehicle Restoration Liverpoolation

Classic American Army Vehicle Restoration Liverpool

Classic American Army Vehicle Restoration in Liverpool

Completed Classic American Army Vehicle Restoration in Liverpool

Looking for a Classic Car Restoration Specialist?

You need to find the right help.  Look at the Body Shop website & Google and Social Media for Reviews.  You are most welcome to look at our website for more information https://www.scuffsnscratches.co.uk/classic-car-restorations/

Restoring the Engine

When stripping the parts of an engine, its important to take the parts and have them chemically cleaned.

Replacement Panels

Some types of Classic Cars will have the panels or parts easily available but some will be very hard to find.  Rot can be a problem for Vintage Classic Cars because this will cause the panels need replacing instead of repairing.

Fitting panels can be very troublesome, if the panels are screwed on this will be easy to do but some Classic Cars have different body work and the panels need to be welded on so its best advice to leave this to the experts unless you have welding experience.

Restoring the Paintwork

Its very important to do the paintwork last because if you need to drill holes you don’t want to be drilling through a freshly painted panel.  Some people are excited to see the finished car looking amazing that they rush the job and don’t think it through properly.  Its more important for the car to be running and working than the paint work to be finished.

Make sure that parts are put back together

A professional Classic Car Restoration Specialist will make sure that all wiring runs freely before putting the parts back together.  Its important to have the mechanical parts in working order before the bodywork is put back together.  

Restoring or Replacing Upholstery

Restoring or replacing upholstery is quite tricky and a novice should not to attempt this.  The structure of each seat will be complicated, so be careful doing this.  Sometimes your Classic Car Restoration Specialist in Liverpool can help with this.

Restore or Replace Interiors

You can tidy up interior with a clean, wax and polish.  If you decide to replace the interior yourself  you will need specialist tools and get advice from the various other places that I have mentioned already.

Classic Car Restoration Insurance

There is  Classic Car Restoration Insurance  in case you run into difficulties, the information on this can be found on the internet. If you struggle, we can help.

Here at CPR Car Body Repairs , we look at Classic Cars as Projects as a wonderful challenge. We can do whatever your project requires and we go a step further always assisting  the customer to gain the vision that he had always dreamt of. 

For more information and to view other photos, you are most welcome to visit our website: https://www.scuffsnscratches.co.uk/classic-car-restorations/


You can pop into our Body Shop for advice and hints/tips, our address is:

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Good luck with Restoring your Classic Beauty!  Remain patient, there will be some bumps along the way but it be so worthwhile in the end.

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Dent Repair Liverpool

Dent Repairs in Liverpool Advice & Guidance

Have you had a nasty prang in your beloved car and the dent  looks unsightly? Or maybe your Lease Car is due to be returned to the Lease Company and you have damage which may cost you the earth to fix through the Lease Company? All car dent removals can vary from a nasty bang to something simple like a trolley ding but both create a dent in your cars’ perfect shape. If you’ve arrived on this Blog as you need Dent Repairs in Liverpool, then read on.

Accidents will always happen

It’s not a matter of if the accident is going to happen, its but rather when it will happen. Dents can happen by reversing into another car, lamp post or reversing into your driveway.  Or  some idiot kicking your car abruptly after a night out or even somebody taking an object and hitting your car.  Minor Dents ruin the aesthetic look of your beloved car that you have paid a premium price for and no doubt it will dented many times throughout its lifetime.  Dent Repair prices vary depending on the quality of service and area that you live in.  You can google Dent Repairs in Liverpool and contact each Body Shop for a quotation.

What to look for?

The first thing to look for is how the Dent occurred, was it an accident by somebody else and if so, try to claim on their insurance. They may have Dent Repair cover as part of their policy.  If it was an accident by yourself then you should have  your Dents repaired as soon as possible.  Car Dent Removal isn’t always as expensive as you would think. Worst case scenario may be that there is a scratch on the paintwork around the dent and this damage can create rust around the edges which increases the problem.  The second thing to do is to search for Dent Repairs in Liverpool area or whatever area you happen to live in.

Dent Repair before & after

Dent Repair before & after repair is completed

What other reasons that you should have your Dents Repaired?

Ok, we know that dents do not cause any safety issues but may cause you problems if and when you want to sell your car.  According to certain studies, that say driving a damaged car says more about you than you realised:

  • Tarnishes that first image
  • Makes people think that you are going through financial hardship
  • People wonder why you bought a brand new car in the first place to drive around with it suffering a Dent

Certain neighbours will have been green with envy when they first saw your perfect dream car then they got a little satisfaction when they see the ugly dent on its perfect car body.  Why not make them more green by having that ugly dent removed and repaired?  

Insurance Repairs

Insurers try to persuade their customers have their Car Dent Removal Repair conducted by their approved Repairers.  Lots of people don’t realise that you can go to any Car Body Repair Shop – its your decision.  You just advise your insurer of the Body Repair Shop that you will like to use and advise this Body Repair Shop that you need a quotation for Insurance purposes.  The Insurer will usually look at quotes from approved Repairers to ensure that the work is not over priced.

Its advised not to attempt the Car Dent Removal yourself because this could lead to making the problem worse and end up costing you more in the long run.

Some dents only require gentle pressure and they come out with specialist equipment while other dents are filled and sanded,  the colour will be matched to the cars to make it invisible.

Price Comparison?

It is worth comparing prices as there are lots of companies around that will offer Car Dent Removal services.  Prices vary from high quality dent repairs to low quality shoddy repairs which aren’t worth the money paid for them. Its best to keep in mind that the cheapest as you want to ensure that you are getting the right advice and expertise for your dent repair.

There are many factors when pricing up a Car Dent Removal Repair such as:

  • The total area size of the dent
  • How deep the dent is
  • Where about on the vehicle the damage is
  • The model and make of car (the more expensive the car the more expensive the paint is to buy)
  • Colour of paint / age of car vs whether paint is readily available

Its always best to go to local Car Dent Removal  / Car Van Body Repair Shops as you will a better cared for experience than using a National Company plus the prices will be more localised instead of a National Company setting a standard price for the whole of the UK.  Car Dent Repairs in Liverpool costs will always vary from Body Shop to Body Shop based upon the local areas economic climate and the professionalism & experience of that Body Shop.  

Dent Repair before

Dent Repair before


Dent Repair after

Dent Repair after

Are there cheaper ways of Dent Removal?

You can always try to remove the Dent yourself but you may cause more damage.  It will end up more costly or end up costing you on the resale value of the car. 

Traditional Car Dent Removal Repairs include filling and sanding local Dent area then building up the paint and blending in with the rest of the cars paintwork.  


Paintless Dent Removal doesn’t require filling and painting.  Using specialised tools & techniques, the dent after being massaged should gently pop out and the cars perfect shape retained.


Not all Car Dent Removal Repairs are the same and will need individual attention on a job by job basis.   When choosing the right company to do your dent repair, always ask for a Guarantee on their work.  

Commercial Dent Repairs

You may be looking for a Commercial Dent Removal on your Van or Commercial Vehicle.  See our photos below to see the extent of our skills.  Whatever your Car Dent Removal Repair, we are the ones to trust.  We can fix your dent so that it is invisible which is ultimately what you need.


Car or Van Dent Repairs in Liverpool

Take the stress and hassle out of your Car Dent Removal Repairs &  pop along to CPR Car Body Repairs, we are just outside Liverpool City Centre – we’ll have your Motor vehicle looking in pristine condition in no time – our address is 60-60 Love Lane, Liverpool, L3 7DD 

All of our work is 100% fully  Guaranteed.

With over 23 years experience, we most certainly know how to do a job right –  see our Google business listing to see all of our almost 45 reviews! https://g.page/cpr-car-body-repairs-ltd?share

For an online quotation, you are welcome to visit our website:

www.scuffsnscratches.co.uk or (complete this quote contact us form)

Call Joe on 01519093450 to discuss your quote or you can call into the Body Repair Shop on 60-61 Love Lane, Liverpool, L3 7DD .

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BMW Car Body Repair

Car Body Repairs Advice & Guidance

So you’ve had a bump, accident or collision , you now have damage to your car body and are worried of the potential repair costs..   I remember the feeling!  You’ve been surfing the net for a quote and there are so many different companies out there but you need a local car body repair garage to you to make it easier on your pocket and somebody you can trust.  Therefore you  need expert car body repairs in Liverpool.

Mercedes Car Body Damage

Mercedes showing car body damage

Looking for decent advice on Car Body Repairs in the Liverpool area is very much  a minefield, getting the right value for money and quality of workmanship versus paying through the nose for bad car body repairs.

What’s the approximate cost of Car Body Repairs?

Research of over 6,100 Car Body Repair Garages in the UK and the rate of Bodywork professionals can range from £50 per hour to over £230 per hour.

It is always best to shop around for price and look at the Car Body shop’s reviews on their social media and on Google.  As an example, check out our Google reviews here https://g.page/cpr-car-body-repairs-ltd

Research Reviews

If you do a google search on the Car Body Repair business then you will see the amount of reviews and stars they have as well as their years of trading.  A decent company will have many high star reviews.  How many, depends on how long they have been trading for and also if their Customers can be bothered to leave a review.   It is always good to know that these customers who do leave a review, feel that the level of service that they have received , together with the price and quality of workmanship was great enough for them to look for this business online and actually put a review on them so it is  important to know how much weight these reviews hold.

To help you understand what Car Body Repair you may need, we’ve put this quick guide together:

There is a large range of Car Body Repair Services such as:

  1. Light clear coat scratches – these are on the surface lacquer and have not gone into the paint layer below so will not require a paint spray to fix them but only a buffer to help buff them out – these aren’t very costly due to the limited work required to buff the scratch up
  2. Scuffed and scratched Paint – this is cosmetic damage and  deep so will require to be painted and will be more costly
  3. More severe paint scratches – this is where the scratch has gone so deep, it has gone through to the base metal of the panel.  This will require more work and effort to blend into the paintwork
  4. Vehicle body and panel dents – this depends on where the dent is as they can appear anywhere on the car and this will indicate how easy or harder to fix.  The more severe the damage, the more work will have to be put into remedying the problem.  It could be that you have to replace the panel which increases your costs or you could have the dent filled in so it is invisible and painted which is not as costly as replacing the panel.
  5. Rust Repairs – Cars deteriorate over time and especially with the wonderful UK rainy damp weather which can play havoc on your car body paintwork.  This can result in small bubbles in the surface paintwork or worst case scenario, can result in heavy corrosion  around the wheel arches with pitted dotted areas over the chrome.  This just takes the pristine look off your vehicle.


Collision Accident Damage

Any accident or collision with another vehicle results in deep gauges in the cars paintwork.  These are much more complicated repairs that may need filling, spray painting, blending and buffing. The most regular damage that we see in our Car Body Repair Garage in Liverpool is Bumper damage because this will incur the impact first.  This type of damage is more complicated and may require a new panel and we don’t advise you to attempt to fix it yourself as it may reduce the cars value or not hold up in a future crash if not done professionally.

Mercedes Car Body Repair Liverpool

Mercedes showing Car Body Repair completed

Different types of Car Body Repairs – such as:

  • Polished Alloy Wheels
  • Damageless Wing Mirrors
  • Faultless door handles
  • Radiator Grills
  • Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels
  • Powder coated Alloy Wheels
  • Colour change Alloy Wheels

Car Body Repairs that are Essential

  • A damaged or missing Vehicle Number Plate
  • A badly cracked or damaged front windscreen
  • No wing mirrors or damaged wing mirrors
  • Any damage with a sharpe edge that may stick out potentially injuring a pedestrian
  • Anything whatsoever that is dangling and touching the floor
  • Missing Wheel nuts
  • Missing Drivers Wheel
  • Faulty Brakes or hand brake

Quality & Finish

When  looking for decent Car Body Repairs in Liverpool, its important that you find the right one to restore your car  to its former glory.  The finish and quality of the paintwork is essential,  if the paintwork is sub standard then it ruins the overall look of the car.

Insurance Claims

Sometimes your excess is less than the cost of the repair.  If you claim then your insurance premium will go up next year to cover this cost. Then you end up paying for the whole job anyway.  Your Insurance premium will rise  the following year they always do.  A good Car Body Repair Garage will deal with the Insurance Company on your behalf!

Also, paying privately stops you damaging your no claims bonus so it simply is a no brainer.

Be aware of going through your Insurance Company for Repairs

If you claim on your Insurance,  your Insurers are obliged to allow you to choose your own Repairer.  Sometimes the Insurers get you to use their Approved Repairers because they get commission from the repair.  A decent Car Body Repair Garage will chase the Insurance Company for the cost of the repair less your excess.  Some Insurance Companies may mess you around. Don’t worry, your Insurance company will pay out your claim as long as you have abided by their rules.

How to find us?

You are most welcome to pop into our Car Body Repair Garage in Liverpool for a chat or quote for your Car Body Repair needs https://www.scuffsnscratches.co.uk/car-body-repairs/. We will explain & take you through the process with no stress.  We are here to help and we provide quality Car Body Repairs in and around the Liverpool area.

Call Joe to discuss your quote on 0151 909 3450 or complete our website enquiry form and we will get back to you as soon as we can Contact CPR Liverpool | Body Repair Centre | Merseyside (scuffsnscratches.co.uk) .  You can also email your car or vehicle photos to get a quote info@cprliverpool.co.uk.

Other services that we provide:

Car Body Repairs

Dent Repairs

Bumper Repairs

Alloy Wheel Repairs

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Body Shop Repairs

Classic Car Restorations

Car Paint Repairs

Car Scratch Repairs

You are most welcome to view our Google Reviews

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We’re established for 22 years providing high quality workmanship and service to our customers who return time and again.

CPR Car Body Repairs 

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