Avoid Car Bodywork Repair & Protect From Rust

Oh we do like to be beside the seaside., oh we do like to be beside the sea… unless you want to protect your vehicle, that is. Salt is an extremely damaging substance to vehicles and a major cause of rust, so if you live somewhere near the sea then you’re more susceptible to rust damage. Similarly, during the winter the salt used to melt ice and snow has the same effect.

Small rusting which has not penetrated the whole panel but is to be found only on the surface can normally be dealt with at home. Just vigorously rub sandpaper about it and then coat it with epoxy primer. Epoxy has long been identified to have anti-corrosive properties. In fact, epoxy coating has been employed to avoid timber rot in boats. However, the more severe the rust problem the more likely you will need some professional help.

Liverpool Car Bodywork  Repair

Despite advances made in technologies to produce corrosion resistant resources and undercoats, far more money is spent on rust management and Liverpool car bodywork repairs than collision fixes. It is vital to go to the correct Liverpool car body repair shop so that the car bodywork repairs carried out have a professional stamp.

At CPR Liverpool we can repair every panel on your car or van including Bumpers, wings, doors, bonnet, wing mirrors and even the alloy wheels. If needed we are also able to replace any panel and then colour match them to your car or van. So no matter how bad the damage is to your vehicle you can trust your local Liverpool car bodywork repair specialists CPR Liverpool to put it right without it putting a bigger dent than your vehicle into your wallet.

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Example Car Bodywork Repair

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