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Damage happens, a stone chip or a ding in the supermarket car park to something a little more malicious like someone running a key down the side.  Or you have accident collision damage, where you have reversed into a bollard or another car colliding into your car.  Whichever type of accident damage, you know that the whole process of getting it repaired is going painful in time & hassle.  So at this point, you need to start searching for your local Body Shop in Liverpool.

Body Shops cover a wide range of services and some don’t.  Make sure when looking that your chosen body shop offers the services that you need AND that they have the experience needed to repair your car or van.

DON’T DESPAIR we can repair.  Visit our Body Shop in Liverpool today or call us on 0151 909 3450

 At CPR Car Body Repairs Liverpool we know that daily life takes it toll on your car’s bodywork. Scuffs, scratches, chips, bumps & dents can leave your pride and joy looking a little rundown.

In day to day life car body work gets damaged & that’s a FACT!

All CPR Liverpool Work Is Guaranteed

Liverpool’s trusted Body Shop

No matter what the damage, you are in good hands with CPR Car Body Repairs Liverpool!

You can either protect your no claims policy or claim on your policy.  If you do claim on your policy, your premium will go up the following year. We provide a free service where we liaise with the insurance company on your behalf.

Call us today to see if your car body repair or car paint scratch or vandal damage can be repaired for less than the cost of claiming on your Car Insurance. We can repair every part of your vehicle which includes Panels, Bumpers, wings, doors, bonnet, wing mirrors.

Examples of our repairs:

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Car Body Shop Repairs Liverpool

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