Alloy Wheel Diamond Cutting

Did you know that CPR Liverpool Liverpool alloy wheel refurbishment service is also able to provide a diamond cutting service for your alloy wheels? This process leaves your alloy wheels with a mirror like shiny machined alloy finish. This is achieved by placing the wheels onto a lathe and part or the entire alloy wheel is machined. Once this has been done the alloy wheels are coated with lacquer to prevent any corrosion.

Auto Detailing For That Showroom Shine

We all wash our cars by ourselves at some point or other. We grab the available cleaning agents or the dry rug cloth and get down to work. Some of us may even whilst out shopping call in at a local lay by makeshift Liverpool auto detailing centre. We may feel great doing it by ourselves but over the years using wrong chemicals, cheap soap, rough cloths, improper rinsing and drying will leave their marks on your cars paintwork.

DIY Car Scratch Repairs Liverpool

Time takes it’s toll on everything, whether it be the grey in your hair, the bags wrinkles on your forehead or the scratches on your vehicle. So what do you do? Dye your hair? Get botox? Thankfully no drastic measures are needed to get your car back to showroom condition. Just a little basic maintenance can go a long way!

Commercial Truck Body Repair Liverpool

This week at CPR Liverpool Liverpool we saw the start of another exciting commercial truck body repair project. With many years experience in the paint spraying industry, CPR Liverpool commercial truck repair Liverpool provide a superb quality workmanship to the public sector as well as the private sector throughout the Merseyside region.

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