Classic Restoration Projects & Case Studies

Unusual Classic Restoration Projects that we are grateful to have been involved with:

Our customers come to us with some fabulous unusual projects. We have helped a customer turn an old rusty French Cattle Wagon into a glowing mobile festival cafe bar.  Another customer requested that we restore an old Italian mobile (motorbike)  pizza oven where we even fixed the Hydraulics for them to get back on the road and start earning profit. In addition to these we have transformed an on VW Camper van into a static grill bar.  Simon from Channel 4’s Find It Fix It Flog It approached us to do a full respray to an old 1970’s motorhome. We completed this project and it was an amazing result.  We were also approached by Simon once again to restore an old Albatross Speed Boat, of which they made a great profit.

Other Classic Restoration Projects

We have also refurbished rusty spin bikes for a local gymnasium.  We have restored an old American Cadillac, Jaguar, American Army truck and trailer.  Another Classic car / vehicle restoration that we have completed is a VW Westfalia Camper Van.  Our most unusual project was the refurbishment of Plant, ie: diggers & trucks but we don’t do these anymore as the floor space needed is huge but we have done many of these in the past.  So you can imagine what our level of experience in Classic Restoration Projects.  If there is a job that you have in mind, no matter how awkward and tough it is, we will get it completed as per our customers’ wishes.

Is there any profit to be made on these type of Projects?

Talking about profit, there is money in those old Classic Restoration Projects.  The older the better really , there is always somebody out there who wants your restored classic car or classic project, whatever it is.  We are flexible and we see your vision and will restore your project to exactly how you would want it to be.  The ideas that our customers come up with are so outside the box and they work.  So whatever your idea on your project, give us a call to discuss and lets see how we can put it together and breath life into it.


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