Had An Accident That Was Not Your Fault?

Had An Accident That Was Not Your Fault?If you have had an accident that was not your fault, then you won’t have to make a claim through your own insurance company. Simply call CPR Liverpool today, and we will arrange an estimate for your vehicle repair and submit the quote details to the third party insurance company. All costs for your car or van body repairs can then be claimed back from the driver’s insurance company who was at fault for the damage. By not making a claim with your own insurance company, you won’t have to pay any excess fees on your policy.

Liverpool Car Bumper Repairs Specialist

They may be called bumpers, but bump them too many times and your cars extremities will soon be in need of repair. This is especially the case in summer when lots more cars are on the road – and some of the drivers are not as careful as you are when parking… If your car bumpers are covered in micro scratches, or their paintwork has started to chip then you need to act now: These small imperfections will gradually reduce the appearance – and value – of your precious car. Liverpool Car Bumper Repairs Specialist won’t necessarily break the bank: refurbishing and repairing the body panel often is significantly cheaper than replacing it and the overall cost can be cheaper than the excess of your car insurance – so you can save your no claims discount and keep your car insurance premiums down.

Liverpool Car Scratch Repairs Specialist

When you give your car that first thorough wash of the summer you often notice a whole set of new scuffs, marks and scratches that you never noticed before. Now is the time to act while the weather is good – so don’t leave it till the winter when road salt and rain will cause exposed metal to begin to corrode and damage your vehicle’s bodywork: contact a company that can remove the scratch and blend in the paintwork to make it look like new.

Liverpool Car Bumper Repairs

Daily life and regular car use can really take their toll on the bumpers of your vehicle. They can end up covered in tiny scratches, or the paintwork can gradually become chipped off due to impacts from stones on the motorway. Small bumps can lead to dents that can gradually reduce the pristine appearance of your precious vehicle and leave you in dire need of Liverpool car bumper repairs.

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