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So you are looking for Car Dent Repairs in Liverpool? 

Maybe you have reversed your car out of your drive and clipped your car on the wall?  Or you have had a small collision accident resulting in car door dents.  For instance, you’ve been shopping and ended up with a trolley ding?  Whatever the cause it will depreciate your car’s value and above all make it look unsightly. Accident damage, dings & creases can be repaired using specialist techniques to return your car to its undamaged condition. We can remove your car dents for a fraction of the cost of replacing the wing or panel with our qualified car dent repairs specialists.

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Liverpool Car Accident Damage

All CPR Liverpool Work Is GuaranteedPaintless Car Dent Removal retains your original finish and removes the need for costly body shop methods of filling and repainting. If we can’t remove the dent using this technique, our technicians will panel beat, paint and fill the affected area. After that we remove the small dents and creases from the vehicle without any painting, filling or sanding, thereby keeping your car bodywork 100% original. 

Paintless Car Dent Removal is the specialized technique of removing dents and creases from metal vehicle panels without the need for re-painting, filling or sanding. This is achieved by accessing the rear of a dent and using custom tools to methodically lift or tap down the dent/crease, restoring it back to its original position and finish.

Example Car Dent Repairs

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