Specialist Car Detailing Service in Liverpool

So you have landed on this blog page and you are looking for advice on Car Detailing? A Specialist Car Detailing service in Liverpool is a time-consuming process.  This entails the removal of contaminants from the paintwork and carefully removing fine scratches that can make your vehicle’s paintwork seem dull and lifeless.  Above all, it truly brings your car’s shine and gleam back to when it first left the showroom. Cars are depreciating in value faster than ever, and well-maintained paintwork is a tried and tested way of retaining some of the value of your vehicle when you come to trade it in or sell it on.

Specialist Car Detailing Service in Liverpool

Car Detailing Liverpool SpecialistHowever minor swirls, micro scratches and spider webbing are often caused by a poor approach to washing and drying your car or by using cheap or poor quality washing equipment. We apply an expert washing and drying techniques to dislodge any dirt and road salt from your paintwork and properly prepare the vehicle for the next stage of the process.

Clay Bar

A Clay Bar is used to decontaminate the surface of the body work by removing any bonded contaminants, which might include:

  • Tar
  • Tree Sap
  • Brake Dust
  • Industrial Fallout
  • Existing layers of polish or wax

This gives a clear surface ready for paint correction to take place.

Paint Correction

This is a three-stage process that entails the removal of common imperfections including light scratches, bird mess, water marks, and oxidation and other imperfections. In addition, it will  also restore the appearance of faded paint.


Polishing brings a mirror shine to the surface.


Deep gloss sealant protects the paint with a polymer coat.

Final Gloss polish

For the richest colour with depth and clarity, we finish off with a Carnuba Wax.

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