Car Detailing

Car detailing is more than just running your car through the local car wash or having a valeter apply a coat of wax.  It is an in depth process which removes bonded contaminants and reflection stealing fine scratches, restoring your vehicle’s finish to better than showroom condition.  

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With today’s focus on depreciation in the car market, it is equally essential to maintain a vehicle’s paintwork as well as it’s mechanical condition. Whether keeping or selling your car, car detailing will maintain the value. Make today a great day & call us!!

Liverpool Car Detailing


Most swirls (spider webbing) and scratches are caused by poor washing and drying techniques or using poor quality washing equipment.  By applying proper washing and drying techniques we will remove any loose dirt and road salt and prepare the vehicle for the next stage.


A Clay-Bar decontaminates the paint surface by removing any bonded contaminates such as:

Tar, Tree Sap, Brake/Rail Dust, Industrial Fallout and Acid Rain, also existing polish & waxes that are impossible to remove through normal washing.  This will reveal a smooth surface ready for paint correction.


This 3 stage process involves removing common paint problems such as light scratches, bird stains, tree sap, water marks, buffer trail holograms, oxidation and other imperfections for the paint to produce a show quality level of shine This process also restores faded paint (eg; red paint that has gone pink)


Brings back the depth and shine to the paint.  Once perfectly polished, the paint is ready to be sealed.


Deep gloss paint sealant is applied that protects the paint with a durable Polymer coat.


You may be asking yourself  “after polishing and sealing, why more polish?”  The answer lies in the richness of colour, depth and clarity that only a high quality Carnuba Wax can bring out on a polished surface.


Examples Of Our Car Detailing Work

Click an image below to enlarge the car detailing work example.

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