Car insurance: Is claiming always a good idea?

Car insurance: Is claiming always a good idea?

Can claiming on car insurance be a bad idea? In many cases, the answer is yes!

Car insurance – Is claiming always a good idea?

If you clip your mirrors while reversing into the garage, it would be unlikely to make sense to claim on your insurance.

First, there’s the excess on your policy, which could be anything from £100 to £500. Then there’s the loss of your no-claims bonus, which means your premium next year will be higher – and it will stay higher for several years. Just the fact you made a claim increases the price of cover.

Car Insurance – No fault doesn’t mean no cost

If you caused the accident, your premiums will rise, because your insurer will think you are a higher risk. But even if your car is damaged by another driver, you can still lose out by making a claim – even if they admit liability. Even blameless motorists face premium increases after an accident. Statistics show that people who were involved in accidents, even those who were not at fault, are more likely to make future claims.

Car Insurance – Calculate the impact

If the damage is minor – a few hundred pounds worth – you will probably be better off not claiming, and paying for the car body repairs Liverpool or alloy wheel repairs Liverpool yourself.

Car Insurance – The legal position

There is small print on most insurance policies that says you should report any accident, whether you want to make a claim or not. If you fail to report an accident and the insurer finds out, they could cancel the policy or refuse to provide cover in future. So even if you aren’t claiming, your premiums may increase even though you did not leave the insurer out of pocket.

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