Car Insurance Costs Set To Continue Rising In 2019

Car Insurance Costs Set To Continue Rising In 2019

The cost of car insurance rises every year as motorists find the cost of keeping their car on the road rising every year. What does 2019 hold for car insurance prices and how can you keep costs down?

Car Insurance Costs Set To Continue Rising In 2019

Once again, the cost of car insurance in the UK has risen, and experts warn that the price rises could accelerate further. The average premium this year has risen 2 per cent (£14) – making the average cost of insurance £774, according to an analysis by Confused.com. The researchers found that despite a new rule that bans using a driver’s gender to calculate costs, men are still paying on average £98 more on insurance per year than women. The price rise affects both genders equally.

The biggest losers are older drivers, with those aged 68 or overpaying up to eight per cent more (£41) and those between 59 and 67 looking at a seven per cent rise. There are also some unexpected winners: insurance costs for 17-year-olds have fallen to their lowest level for over a decade. The average insurance cost for young motorists dropped by £98 (five per cent) – but their average cost is still a staggering £1,855.

Avoid Car Insurance Costs Increase

It is possible to avoid car insurance increases by shopping around – although there is an FCA investigation planned into the “loyalty penalty”, you can almost always get a better deal by switching insurer. The other obvious thing to do is to avoid claiming unless you have to. Many minor car repairs can be completed for less than the cost of your car insurance excess, and so there is nothing to gain from claiming and you will lose your no claims discount. So, if you’ve had a minor bump or scrape, perhaps putting your car into the garage, or the kids have kicked a ball and dented your door – as long as there are no other motorists involved you may not even need to make a claim.

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