Car Scratch Repair Costs & how to keep them low

How much does it cost to repair a scratch to your car?
car bumper scratch
Here we discuss the various types of scratches and how to keep the car scratch repair cost to low. You may have a bumper scratch and want to know what options are available to you. We also share some helpful tips on how to keep your car scratch damage repair costs down & what to do if you get a scratch to protect your bodywork.

Scratch Details

Lets go back to basics. How did the car scratch happen? Was it an accident by another car? Our advice is to find out if they have Paint damage cover on their insurance policy and if so, claim on their insurance. This will cover the costs of having your Car Scratch Repaired Professionally which will make it look perfect again. If there is no insurance then there is a serious Car Scratch Repair cost to be considered.

You need to think about what type of job that you are trying to price up.  Think about the size of area to be repaired. It may be that you can do this yourself (if it is a minor repair) or if its too tricky you may want to take it to a decent car body repair shop. If you do the Car Scratch repair yourself this will help to reduce the Car Scratch Repair Cost but won’t  always look invisible then it will devalue your car slightly. If you do try to repair your Car Scratch yourself then look at the size and if it has gone through layers of paint, with a little hard work you can fix it.

What to do next?

You can take your car into your Dealership for a quote on your Car Scratch Repair cost but this will always prove expensive, its best to go direct to the Car Body Repair shop that the Dealerships get in to repair your car.

If the Car Scratch repair is severe then it is always to take it straight to a Car body repair Garage. The cost of the Car scratch depends on how bad the damage is. Some car body repair Garage can give you an approximate quote via messaging their website but for a more accurate quote, it can be best to take your car in so that they can actually see the damage.

Go Local

You can search for your local area specialists and look at mobile services but to cut the cost down on your Car scratch repair cost, it is advised to take your car to a car body repair shop. It’s always best to compare quotes and check out their labour & material charges – always ask the question , is there a possibility of your car scratch repair cost rising before it is completed?

Car Scratch Insurance

You can always insure your vehicle for damage to your cars paintwork but this premium will probably cost more than the cost of getting your car scratch repaired yourself by going to a car body repair Garage.

It’s always best doing a little homework before you even need to get a quote for a car scratch repair cost. Get an Insurance repair quote then call us for a quote, compare the two and see what you think.

And what if?

You may think, what if I don’t get my Car Scratch repaired and save on the cost? Depending on the severity of the scratch , you may be able to do this but if it is a bad scratch to be repaired then water will cause rust and further damage your car’s paintwork. It’s best to get that Car Scratch repair done as soon as possible.

When you look at your car you see the finished paintwork but in reality there are 4 layers to your car’s paintwork such as the bare metal of the car then you have the undercoat primer layer and the next layer is the paint itself then on top of the paint is the clear coat varnish that protects everything below it.

The type of scratch also affects the cost of your Car Paint Repair. All scratches are different and their prices will vary too depending on how bad the damage is.

Clear coat (top layer) scratches

These aren’t serious scratches and are easy to repair yourself as it will have only scratched the top surface layers of the car, so the paint layers below aren’t damaged.

You should be able to pick a scratch remover kit in a good auto body shop for approx £10-£20.

Paint layer scratch damage

If your damage had penetrated the paint layer but you can’t see the bare metal below it, it’s not too bad. These scratches are harder to remove than the clear coat layer scratch but can be repaired, at least they’re not as bad as a base layer scratch repair. All you will need is a buffing tool, and a car paint pen and some car clear varnish coat.

If the scratch isn’t deep then it should be quite easy but do your homework and watch how to videos before hand to ensure that you have the right technique

Base layer scratches

If your scratch is so deep that you can see the bare metal of the car body, these are the worst ones you can get. I wouldn’t advise you repair these yourself, I would advise you go to your nearest car body repair shop as soon as possible to avoid it rusting and getting much worse and more costly. Its important to minimise your Car Scratch Repair cost to protect the money in your pocket.

How Much Does It Cost To Repair A Car Scratch?

You can try to repair the scratch yourself for around £10 to £20. But be aware this may cost you more in the car body repair shop to fix if not done correctly and further damage is made.

Do it yourself temporary Car Scratch Repair:

If you don’t have time to repair the scratch right away then you can temporarily put a piece of tape over it to protect it from the rain to avoid rust forming until it can be repaired and sealed.

Car Scratch Repair Kit: if your scratch isn’t too deep or wide, it is possible it can be fixed with this repair kit, just follow the instructions with the kit.

Generally the scratch can be blended into the rest of the car paintwork so there is no need to colour match the paint. It won’t be perfect but it will be sealed and look better than previously.

Repair the scratch yourself:

To do your own Car paint scratch repair yourself you will need to go to a car paint shop to obtain a matched paint to your cars make and model – |I can recommend a supplier of ours http://www.antonsukltd.co.uk who provide us with our materials

Firstly clean the area of damage , lightly sand the area down with a fine grade sanding paper. Apply a primer which forms a bond between the old paint that you have sanded and the new touch up paint being applied – ensure that you apply the touch up coats right away and don’t leave this too long


Apply a couple of coats of the touch up paint to the damaged area and allow enough time in between coats for this to dry.

Lightly sand this area then wipe clean then apply a new clear coat, this will protect the car paint that you have just applied.

Once it is clean and dry, apply wax and buff the area up and you should have a half decent car paint repair done at a fraction of the cost.

Always remember that this won’t be completely invisible depending on the colour match and how careful you’ve sanded and applied the touch up paint.

Be aware that if the touch up job is done well then you’ll probably need our help


Before you ever get to the point of needing your Car Scratch Repaired by a Car Body Repair Garage, think of the following items to help you prevent the need for a Repair:

  1. Keep your car clean so that you can keep a keen eye on the condition of the cars paintwork
  2. Be careful when parking your car and always ensure that you haven’t squeezed your car into a tiny space. If there are no suitable sized parking spaces close to where you want to park then just park a little away so that you get a correctly sized space. This avoids anybody banging your car with their doors or damage by supermarket trolleys or prams
  3. Take care driving and parking your car so that you don’t accidentally squash up against a bush with hard branches that can scratch your cars paint work. Also be aware of lamp posts etc when reversing your car to avoid dents

To go to a Car Body Repair Shop

The average cost of getting your car scratch repaired professionally is £50 to £100 but at least this will be invisible and not devalue your car.car bumper scratch fixed

At CPR Car Body Repairs we provide an honest, reliable and professional service to our customers in the Liverpool area. Our work is fully guaranteed so that if you are not happy with your Car Scratch Repair then we will ensure that we put it right. We provide a drop and shop service – where you drop your car with us and we will drop you in Liverpool City Centre so that you can relax and shop until your car is ready, then we will pick you up. 

With over 22 years experience in this field, we most certainly know what we do.   Our customers return time and again.

For an honest quote call Joe Woodhouse on 0151 909 3450 and we will most certainly be able to give you an idea of your Car Scratch Repair Cost.

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