Car Scratch Repair DIY SOS

Does your car have scuffs & scratches within the paint or blemishes you wish to do away with without going to the expense and hassle of managing an entire car body paint shop?

Car Scratch Repair Liverpool

At CPR Liverpool Car Scratch Repair Liverpool Centre we know that car scratches become more and more annoying to you, due to the fact you know where they are so they always stand out? We know a huge number of car owners have found it cheaper to consider trying the car body repair work themselves. You could attempt the car body repair yourselves being reassured that if you do have a DIY SOS then the friendly team at CPR Liverpool Liverpool will be here to help put things right. Small car paint scratches and imperfections can easily be repaired by yourself however should you not be confident that you would be able to repair the car scratch yourself than we are here to help you.

You don’t need fancy tools to distinguish a car scratch from a mark. A fingernail drawn over the surface at 90 degrees to the car scratch will tell you if it’s gouged into the paint or sitting on top of it. If it’s a mark that appears to be from rubber, plastic or even other paint, it may come off easily with an aerosol tar or adhesive remover. Stubborn marks often can be removed with acetone or lacquer thinner on a soft rag. If the mark is still there after using one of these solvents, try hand rubbing or polishing compound. First, clean the area with soap and water, then spread rubbing compound on the mark and rub the area in a circular motion until the mark disappears. Once it’s gone, switch to a back-and-forth motion to remove circular buffing marks. Buff the area with a clean cloth to remove rubbing compound. Then, using a fresh pad, clean the area with polishing compound to remove the fine scratches left by the rubbing compound. Finish by sealing the surface with a good car wax.

Car Bodywork Repair

If the defect is a car bodywork scratch, determine if it extends below the car body surface of the paint and into the primer. Sometimes one end of the car scratch looks fine but the other end gets deeper and deeper until it breaks through into the primer and the metal underneath. How much of that car scratch is below the color? If it’s a small portion of the entire car scratch, you may want to repair what you can, and just try to ignore the rest until you’re prepared to repaint the car panel. Modern cars are almost always clear coated over the color layer of the paint. This is done to provide a shinier finish, as well as to prevent ultraviolet light from fading the pigment underneath it.

Scratches in clear coat can similarly be sanded out. However, if you sand completely through the clear into the color underneath, you have to respray the clear on that panel. That’s still easier than trying to match the color of the original paint, spraying the panel and then clear coating over it. If the scratch goes into the primer, you’ll be forced do exactly that.

So if all else fails and you want a professional hassle free Car Scratch Repair Service then call the team at CPR Liverpool Liverpool on 0151 909 3450.

Example Car Scratch Repairs

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