Classic Car Restored Like New

Classic Car Restored Like NewCPR Liverpool is Liverpool’s experts in all things to do with vehicle repairs and refurbishment. Whether you have a scratch, a dent or a ding that needs to be repaired professionally or need a vintage vehicle to be given a new lease of life, we have the expertise you are looking for to bring your vehicle back to looking like it just rolled out of the factory.

Classic Car Restoration by CPR Liverpool

Classic Car RestorationWe have restored several classic cars over the years. We offer a whole host of refurbishment services ranging from minor damage repairs to complete resprays and rebuilds. For example, take a look at this stunner. It started off with dull and lifeless paint – and was covered in dents and rust damage. We stripped it down, repaired all of the damaged areas and resprayed it in a stunning red to restore its original finish. It looks absolutely fantastic, we think you will agree, and it really has taken on a whole new life. The owner is ecstatic – it is like a brand-new car!

Liverpool Classic Car Restored Like New

There is so much more to restoration work on a vintage vehicle than simply respraying it. As well as matching the original manufacturer’s colour and finish as closely as possible, older vehicles tend to have suffered damage over the years. Especially if they have been kept in poor storage conditions such as barns, there is often a great deal of work to be done on the bodywork before we can even think about starting to apply paint to the body panels!

CPR Liverpool Classic Car Restoration Service

Classic Car RestoredEven if you have a slightly newer model, we can help you. Our Liverpool car body repairs take place at our city centre repair centre in the heart of Liverpool. Just call us on 0151 909 3450.


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