Liverpool Fleet Van Body Repairs

Liverpool Fleet Van Body Repairs

If you are a car showroom or fleet manager then you will know how tough it can be to find a reliable partner to work with when your company vehicles inevitably become scuffed or scratched and in need of minor – and sometimes major – repairs. Here at CPR Liverpool we have more than 15 years of experience in Liverpool car paint repairs and refurbishment and we can also supply and fit alloy wheels in our Liverpool car and van body repairs centre. Let us take care of your Liverpool fleet van body repairs while you get on with managing your business.

Had An Accident That Was Not Your Fault?

Had An Accident That Was Not Your Fault?If you have had an accident that was not your fault, then you won’t have to make a claim through your own insurance company. Simply call CPR Liverpool today, and we will arrange an estimate for your vehicle repair and submit the quote details to the third party insurance company. All costs for your car or van body repairs can then be claimed back from the driver’s insurance company who was at fault for the damage. By not making a claim with your own insurance company, you won’t have to pay any excess fees on your policy.

Fleet Van Body Repairs Liverpool

Has one or more of your fleet of work vehicles suffered from scratches, dents or marks? Perhaps one of your drivers has been unfortunate enough to have become involved in a minor road traffic accident, or one of your vans has been damaged simply as a result of being used on a daily basis. Don’t worry: even though you may have found in the past that Fleet Van Body Repairs Liverpool for your fleet is extremely expensive, or takes too long, stopping your vehicles from being out on the road and earning money: CPR Liverpool, your Van Body Repair Liverpool specialists will be able to take car of your damaged bodywork for less than you might think, and get your van back on the road.

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