Liverpool Lease Car Repairs Specialist

CPR Liverpool Lease Car Repairs Specialist

Have you got damage to a leased car? Are you close to your return date? Often its best to  have lease car repairs specialist repair it first instead of paying a charge to the lease car company for the damage.  Why let them have more of your hard earned money?

Liverpool Lease Car Repairs Specialist

You will be penalised for returning a damaged leased car as even minor repairs are charged at inflated rates.  If you have accidentally damaged a lease car. Don’t worry CPR Liverpool can repair the damage before you return it. Refurbishing a leased vehicle with CPR Liverpool before you return it can save you money. We charge a fraction of what you will be penalised when you return  your damaged leased car.

What happens if my lease car has damage?

Your contract will state that you are return your leased car in the same condition as when  you collected it. There is a small “normal wear and tear” allowance, and each leasing company has its own criteria to assess if the damage is serious enough to attract a penalty. This penalty payment applies whether or not the company choose to actually repair the car, so it is in your interest to get the car looking like it was on the initial paperwork before you hand it back.

CPR Liverpool Bodywork repairs

Before paying the penalty for a damaged lease car, call CPR Liverpool car body repair centre for a quote: we are Merseyside’s experts in everything to do with vehicle repairs, and we can usually fix any damage to your lease car for less than the leasing company’s penalty charge. Call us today for a quote for lease car body repairs and alloy wheel refurbishment in Liverpool on 0151 909 3450.

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