Dangerous Failures On The Rise

Dangerous Failures On The Rise

Over 1 million cars have failed their MOT because of defects that pose an ‘immediate risk to road safety and/or serious impact on the environment’ under the new MOT rules. Read our ‘Dangerous Failures On The Rise’ article for more information… 

Dangerous Failures on the Rise

The worrying findings came from an analysis of DVSA data which was obtained through a Freedom of Information request by a car buying comparison website in November. It revealed that since the date the new MOT rules came into force last May, a total of 1,131,376 cars failed their MOT due to dangerous defects. Almost a third of cars that failed were said to be dangerous.

Under the new rules, defects on an MOT fall into categories: dangerous, major or minor. A vehicle fails its MOT if it has any dangerous or major faults. Dangerous defects include things like hydraulic fluid leaking; brake faults; and overly worn tyres.

A vehicle is no longer legal to drive if it fails with a dangerous fault. If, however, a car fails its MOT for a major defect, the repair has to be made as soon as possible, but the car may continue to be driven – as long as it remains roadworthy and its MOT is still valid.

Alex Buttle, Motorway.co.uk’s director, said: ‘Looking at the data, we were surprised at the number of cars on UK roads that are dangerous. These are just vehicles that have been tested since the new rules came into force. New car sales are falling, but the number of cars on the road is stable at about 38 million. This means owners are keeping their cars longer – and so the used car stock is getting older – meaning more dangerous cars.’

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