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Why would you want to have your Car Detailed?

Ok so you start looking for your amazing car that is perfect for you.  You intend to look after it but don’t know where to start. All new cars have a showroom shine (that’s more like a gleam) that fades over time. It is important to keep the shine on your car and not let it go dull and grimy looking. If your car is looking grimy and the paint work is faded,  your car needs a decent detail.  If you are looking for Car Detailing in Liverpool then you have come to the right place.

What are your options?

You can put your car through the automatic car wash or you  wash it by hand but its important to keep that showroom shine and every once in a while have your Car Detailed. It can be a minefield finding an Expert Car Detailer….you need to find your expert Car Detailing in Liverpool.

We spend so much time in our cars and take a lot of pride in our perfect car.

It helps to create a great impression if your car is clean instead of grimy looking.

Car Detailing is much more than just cleaning the outside or an unaffordable luxury, nowadays it is much more achievable and is an increased cleanliness for the vehicle that you are in most of the time.

What’s the difference between washing your car versus detailing your car?

Washing your car is just a wash but Detailing your car means a thorough in depth deep clean using specialized products and tools.  This involves cleaning the cars paintwork to remove swirls  and scratches  to make it look almost brand new.

Why is it so important to Auto Detail your car?

  • To extend the lifespan of the paintwork helping the car to retain its value  helping it to depreciate at a lower rate
  • It helps your car maintain a higher resale value
  • Saves you money in the long run because you are protecting your cars paintwork by Auto Detailing
  • The owner feel good because having a great looking car is good for self esteem

Car Detailing in Liverpool can be expensive but covers the underneath , inside and outside but sometimes only the exterior of the car needs a new lease of life.  By carrying out intense polishing and applying protection coats to finish off, your car will look new again but its more affordable to achieve this.  This is ideal for Lease cars being returned.

See examples below:

Just look at the before and after photos of a Customers’ Car Detailing in Liverpool, the results speak for themselves:

Car Detail Liverpool

Car before Detailing


Gleaming Car after Detail

Car is gleaming after Detailing

So what does Exterior Auto Detailing include?

Alloy Wheels: these are cleaned using specialist cleaners which de-grime and degrease – the alloy wheels are removed to get a deep thorough clean.

Tyres: the sharp blackness on tyres  are re-enhanced using specific products

Hand Washing / Cleaning:  your car will be deeply washed and cleaned bringing out its gleam

Over time the car’s paintwork will suffer swirls which are a bit like spider webbing and the odd scratch which can be caused by bad washing / drying techniques or even putting the car through the automatic car body wash.  By using specialist  washing and drying techniques such as road dirt and road salt to get the vehicle ready for the next stage.

Removal of tiny particles: these are removed by using a specialist Automotive Clay Bar which removes any impurities , tightly bonded dirt, traces of overspray and other residue  such as Tree Sap, Bird Faeces , Tar or Environmental factors  and this also removes existing waxes that don’t come off with normal washing.  This also restores faded paint (eg; red paint that has gone slight pink) This then leaves a surface which is ready for the next stage.

Polish: We use a buffer machine which removes all fine damage on the paintwork which builds up over time or this is completed by hand depending on the state of the car’s paintwork.  This brings back the deep shine.

Waxing / Sealant: This is a deep gloss sealant paint that protects the paintwork with a durable coat. This will repel future minor marks and is essential to ensure that your car looks good in future.

Car Detail Before in Liverpool

Car paintwork looking very tired

Car paintwork after Detail

Car paintwork after Detail

Final Gloss Polish: Using Specialist Carnuba Wax this will be a high shine and make the car to look like just bought from brand new, remember that shine?  Well this is what you need to do the job. You can find Carnauba Wax Here

Things to avoid:

Once you’ve had your car detailed, routinely keep it in tip top condition to protect it from contamination and oxidation (rust).  To help with this, keep your eye out for the following things to avoid:

  • Splattered Insects
  • Stone Chips
  • Spilt fuel
  • Bird faeces
  • Ash
  • Drive Through Car Washes
  • Self clean car wash equipment
  • Tree Sap

If the above happens to your car, wipe them off as soon as you are aware of them.  If you see stone chips have them removed immediately to avoid any rust.


Car Detailing in Liverpool:

It is always best advice to have your car detailed regularly to keep your cars’ paintwork in pristine condition – by getting the attention of CPR Car Body Repairs Ltd, 60-61 Love Lane, Liverpool, L3 7DD – 0151 949 3150 – have a chat with Joe Woodhouse who will advise you the best way he can and can always give you an honest and reliable quotation – see our quotation link: Contact CPR Liverpool | Body Repair Centre | Merseyside (scuffsnscratches.co.uk)

Car detailing prices differ as it depends on different factors such as the size of the car, make of car, the quality of service, the more professional service, the higher the cost.

Getting the most out of your money:

Whatever the cost of the Auto Detail, you should always get the most out of your money by:

Using Materials Sparingly – if you decide to do your Auto Detail yourself you can make the materials a number of times to reduce costs.  Follow the instructions carefully otherwise you may go through your materials much quicker than expected or need to.

Look around for cheaper materials – Search the internet for cheaper products this will save you money in the long run

Keep on top of your Auto Detail – Regularly detailing your car will avoid you having to pay for expensive detailing because of build up of grime and other factors

What not to do after your Car Detailing?

Automatic car wash: please keep your cars pristine paintwork away from these car washes because they damage it so much leaving swirl marks on the paintwork.  They don’t really clean them properly they leave dirt all over the car in crevices etc.  These machines leave a residue of lots of other cars dirt on your car. So you think that you’ve cleaned your cars paintwork but in reality you’ve just wiped it lightly with a cloth and that’s all.  Your cars paintwork deserves more love and attention to detail than that.

What questions to ask Car Detailers?

  1. Services offered? – do they clean the windows?  Wheels and tyres?  Will they remove imperfections?
  2. Pricing – the more expensive Detailers use better quality products so this is something to think about when comparing prices to a much cheaper Detailer.
  3. Reviews – look on their social media platforms or Google reviews and see what reviews are on the website
  4. Mobile – Car Detailing takes approx 1.5 to complete and mobile saves you the time to drive to the Detailer and wait around or arrange other transport while the Detail is being completed.

There are lots of forums on the Internet where car enthusiasts exchange information.  This may help you in your quest for whether to have your car detailed.

Here at CPR Car Body Repairs Limited, we take the hassle and stress out of Car Detailing and have it done without you having to look around or do it yourself

For a quotation or advice – call Joe 0151 493 2600 / 07802348096

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