Don’t Be a Scrooge This Christmas

Scrooge This ChristmasRetreads were used for years as a cheap alternative to new tyres. They fell out of favour as a growing range of affordable tyres became a better budget option. But, with concerns about the amount of oil used to produce new tyres, retreads are surging in popularity. But are they really safe? Don’t be a Scrooge this Christmas!

Don’t Be a Tyres Scrooge This Christmas

A retread is a used tyre which has had the old worn tread removed and a new tread attached through a specialised process. Retreads are widely used in trucking industry because of the cost of truck tyres. Commercial jets use retreads for the same reason.

Old tyres used to simply be burned, but now they are recycled. Retreading is an environmentally-friendly way to recycle tyres because a tyre can be retreaded as many as to 10 times, dramatically extending its life. Retreads save millions of gallons of oil and reduce carbon emissions and landfill.

Why you should avoid retreads

Many motoring bodies and insurance companies do not consider retreads to be safe, and so they do not recommend them to be used because:

  • The history of the original tyre is unknown
  • They have less strength than a new tyre, and the retread could come loose from the tyre
  • They have inferior wet grip and braking performance.

Retreads may be suitable for the transport industry but should be avoided in passenger vehicles because of the doubts about them. Most tyre retailers carry many affordable new tyre brands, so there is simply no excuse for risking your family’s safety to save a few pounds. 

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