Driverless Cars Technology Liverpool

Driverless Cars TechnologyVehicle technology has come on in leaps and bounds, and in the last few years, new systems have added a significant level of autonomy to new vehicles with driverless cars technology set to hit our streets of Liverpool in coming years.

Driverless Cars Technology

Some of these aids include:

  • Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB)
  • Lane departure warning systems;
  • Active cruise control; and
  • Automated parking

The next step is for the driverless car technology to move on from semi-autonomous vehicles into fully autonomous driverless cars. This move will represent and a number of challenges and opportunities for the insurance industry:

Nine out of every ten road traffic accidents can be shown to be caused as a result of human error – so advances in autonomous vehicle technology I going to have huge implications on road safety, and potentially reduce the number of insurance claims. There is also the potential for the technology to save lives by reducing the severity of accidents as a human driver’s reaction time will never be as fast as a computer.

AEB is one such technology that is appearing: it automatically applies the brakes if an obstacle is oncoming and the driver does not respond in time. It has been proven to reduce the rate of low-speed collisions, and personal injury claims are also reduced.

Fully autonomous cars are the next logical step in the development of assistive vehicle technology, with some industry observers suggesting that driverless cars will be on the road by the mid-2020s. They also expect these vehicles to be ‘connected’. This means they will be able to communicate with other vehicles on the road and with roadside infrastructure. This will aim to reduce congestion, cut accidents and improve on fuel management.

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One thing is for sure; driverless cars technology is likely to lessen the number of accidents on our roads. For now, though, accidents still happen. If you have had a scratch or scrape or bump in your car, then call CPR Liverpool car body repairs Liverpool and alloy wheel repairs Liverpool specialist and see how we can fix it, often for a lower cost than the excess on your insurance.

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