Is Your Leased Car Contract Coming To An End?

Leased Car Repair SpecialistIs your leased car contract coming to an end? The new 17 registration plates are here, and many leased cars are now about to be returned to be exchanged for a new vehicle. This is the time when the lease hire companies to start to scrutinise every inch of the vehicle in order to find faults – and then present the hirers with a hefty bill for car body repairs. Here at CPR Liverpool, we can help you save money when returning leased cars by repairing scratches, scuffs and dents for much less.

Leased Car Repair Specialist

CPR Liverpool leased car body repair Liverpool specialists offer a range of profession leased car repair services and can remove bumper scuffs, dents, cracks, scratches and chips. We don’t just work with leased vehicles: we can also repair cosmetic damage to your personal or company car or van. We also offer a specialist alloy wheel refurbishment Liverpool service to bring kerbed and cracked wheels back to a showroom shine. We have many years’ experience and undertake all aspects of car bodywork repairs, ranging from superficial damage such as chips and scratches to accident repair work.

We use an industry standard paint system to match thousands of paint combinations. We can recreate the original manufacturer’s colour using our computer system to mix the correct amount of each base colour to find the perfect match. Car bodywork damage can be removed using a variety of methods, including paint-free dent removal for minor bumps. The results will astound you as your car looks as good as new!

CPR Liverpool Car Body Shop

CPR Liverpool is your local car body repairs Liverpool and retouching Liverpool specialist. We cover all of Merseyside and work on all makes of cars vans. Call CPR Liverpool your local car bodywork repair specialists today on 0151 909 3450: Let us help you to save money when returning your leased cars.

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