Liverpool Car Body Repairs Specialists

During late spring, its a great time to get the car sorted ready for long summer trips, or a trip abroad.   Now that the rainy weather is (hopefully) on its way out, and longer, hotter days are with us.  This might also be the right time to get car body repairs that you have been putting off before the winter rain returns. Daily life can result in your precious car suffering from the odd bump and scratch.

Why is it important to have the damage repaired?

If you leave them then it could not only affect the way your car looks but it will reduce its resale value.  It can lead to corrosion and rust which could eventually result in structural damage and an MOT fail! Not all damage is the result of an accident. You might suffer stone chips from motorway driving, or dents caused by errant trollies at the supermarket car park or an angry ex who has taken their revenge on your car.  Whatever the damage, you can be safe in the knowledge that Liverpool Car Body Repairs Specialists CPR will be here to restore your car back to new.

CPR Liverpool Car Body Repairs Specialists

Liverpool Car Body Repairs Specialists

CPR Liverpool can repair all of those little marks and scratches that your car has been collecting. They have a local dedicated Liverpool car body repairs specialists shop and can help with almost any problem. No job is too small for us.  From stone chips to a a small scratch to several body panels or a bumper that needs to be replaced.  Sometimes the cost of a repair is often below the amount of the excess on your car insurance policy.  It can be best to pay for the repair yourself. This protects your no claims discount.  Why is protecting your no claims important?  It means that your policy cost won’t rise the following year.  The % amount that these can go up by can be almost double the cost of paying for these repairs yourself.

Why choose us?

CPR Liverpool’s motto is “don’t despair we can repair”, we are the good guys.  We’ve been around for over 23 years so we know what we are doing.  We have a loyal customer base who return time and again.  This is testament to how we run our business.  So why not put them to the test and visit our Liverpool car body repair shop today for them to take a look, or give them a call on 0151 909 3450.

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