Liverpool Driverless Cars and the Insurance Industry

Liverpool Driverless CarsWe are only ten or so years away from developing technology that will enable cars to become fully autonomous. Liverpool driverless cars are going to bring some challenges and opportunities for the insurance industry.

The pace of change has been slow and steady, and we do not envisage a day when showrooms are suddenly only offering driverless vehicles. Already drivers are befitting from technology that was once the stuff of dreams: anti-lock brakes, parking sensors and cruise control. All of these features give cars a degree of autonomy. Some new cars now have features like adaptive cruise control, lane control systems and Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB).

Liverpool Driverless Cars – A Positive For Road Safety?

Human error accounts for nine out of ten road accidents, so the safety implications of autonomous technology are clear. AS a driver’s input becomes, less important and sophisticated technology takes over, what will happen when the car’s computer system fails? And if there is an accident, does the liability rest with the driver or the car itself?

Right now, liability always rests with the driver. This is line with the automation used in aviation, so it is likely that the driver will continue to be held liable so long as they can intervene and override the technology. Driving will become less physical and more about effective system monitoring, so the way people learn to drive will change.

The real change will come when cars not only become driverless but also become ‘intelligent’ and the human driver (if, indeed there is such a thing) relies on the car to make its own decisions.

CPR Liverpool Accident Repair

One thing is certain; Liverpool driverless cars have the potential to reduce the number of road accidents. For now, though, things can still go wrong. If you have had a bump, scratch or scrape in your vehicle, then call CPR Liverpool car body repairs Liverpool and alloy wheel repairs Liverpool to see how we can repair the damage, often for less than the excess on your insurance.

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