Mini Car Body Repairs Liverpool

Mini Car Body Repairs LiverpoolIf the worst happens in the supermarket car park and your Mini car gets a scuff, scratch or scrape from a trolley or car door, who do you call? It is probably not worth claiming for the damage on your car insurance, and a Mini dealer is going to charge a fortune to fix it. So, why not call CPR Liverpool car body repairs –we are the one-stop shop for scratches, dents and Mini Alloy Wheel Repairs Liverpool.

Mini Car Body Repairs Liverpool

If you need Mini Car Body Repairs Liverpool, then there is a firm that should be right at the top of your list: CPR Liverpool. We are based close to Liverpool city centre, and we can do all kinds of bodywork repairs – from paint-free dent removal to complete classic car overhauls. If you have a deep scratch on your Mini that will not polish out, we can repair it with paint that is matched to the Mini stock colour. If you need a bumper or body panel replacing, then we can complete it quickly and seamlessly. Your Mini will look as new when we have completed its car bodywork repair Liverpool. Call us today for a Liverpool car body repairs quote today on 0151 909 3450.

Mini Alloy Wheel Repairs Liverpool

It’s not just a Mini car’s bodywork you need to take care of: your alloy wheels are also easy to damage. From scraping a kerb to corrosion that builds over time, a Mini alloy wheel can look terrible and affect the value of your car if it is left to deteriorate. At CPR Liverpool alloy wheel repairs are long-lasting and cost-effective. We will refinish your entire Mini alloy wheel and not just touch it up so that your refurbished Mini alloys will look shiny and new for longer. Call us today for a Liverpool alloy wheels refurbishment quote today on 0151 909 3450.

CPR Liverpool Car Bodywork Repairs

CPR Liverpool car body repair centre: your local experts for car repairs and alloy wheel refurbishment Liverpool. Call us today for a quote on 0151 909 3450.

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