New Year Liverpool Alloy Wheel Repair

New Year Liverpool Alloy Wheel RepairWhat better way to bring in the New Year than by sorting out those scuffed alloys? Alloy wheels are a standard feature on most cars today but are one of the easiest parts to damage. If you have scratched or scuffed the pristine finish of your alloy wheels, then do not worry: they can be repaired at a fraction of the cost of replacing them. This will help to keep the value of your car. 

New Year Liverpool Alloy Wheel Repair Service 

If you have damaged your Liverpool alloy wheels, then you should get them fixed or the entire surface of the wheel could be affected. Come to the Liverpool car body repair experts for alloy wheel repairs and restoration to get them looking as good as new! 

Most Liverpool alloy wheel specialists only repair the damaged part of the wheel or the very edge, but they still want to charge you for a full repair! Here at CPR Liverpool we put quality first and we refurbish the whole wheel unless you specifically ask us for a cosmetic repair only, for example if you are on a budget. Beware, as cutting corners often causes further problems down the line. 

CPR New Year Liverpool Alloy Wheel Repair 

Here at CPR Liverpool, your local Liverpool alloy wheel repairs specialists, we remove the corrosion on your alloy wheels by initially sand blasting them. Once done, we then apply a coat of a special protective primer. Finally, we finish the entire wheel in the colour you have chosen. The effect is stunning and it offers real value for money when you compare it to the cost of a replacement set of alloy wheels. 

You should not settle second best: you can trust in our technicians to give your wheels the service that they deserve. For an honest appraisal, just call us on 0151 909 3450, we are happy to share our advice and give an initial quotation for your New Year Liverpool alloy wheel repair and New Year Liverpool alloy wheel refurbishment service.

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