Planning On Buying A New 17 Plate Car?

Planning On Buying A New 17 Plate Car?Are you thinking of buying a new 17 plate car this year? When it comes to replacing your vehicle, there is nothing like choosing a new vehicle with a newly-issued plate. Of course, your mind then turns to getting the maximum value in part exchange from your current car. CPR Liverpool car body repair Liverpool are here to help you to get the best part-ex value for your trade-in vehicle. It could be costing you thousands of pounds if you have minor bodywork scratches or dents on your vehicle. Tatty alloys are another sure-fire way to reduce the value of your car. The answer is simple: alloy wheel repairs Liverpool or even just an alloy wheel refurbishment Liverpool service.

Car Body Repair Liverpool

CPR Liverpool car body repairs should be the first place on your mind before you even consider trading in your car for a new 17 plate model. We are experts in alloy wheel repairs and alloy wheel refurb, scratch removal and bodywork restoration. We know what the motor trade are looking for in a part-ex, and so you will get the best deal on your new 17 plate car. The service you get from us is simple, straight forward and honest. Once you have tried CPR Liverpool car body repair Liverpool you will never choose anywhere else.

Buying A New 17 Plate Car? – Increase The Value Of Your Part-Ex

The way to increase the value of your part exchange car is to make sure it looks as good as the day it rolled out of the dealership for the first time. With a simple alloy wheel repair or alloy wheel refurb, having the dents repaired and the paintwork refinished to give a showroom shine, the car salesman will want to offer you top book price for your part-ex. So, don’t waste time: Get yourself down to CPR Liverpool car body repair Liverpool. You could be driving your new 17 plate car sooner than you think!

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