Police Will Be Routinely Checking Tyres This Christmas

Police Will Be Routinely Checking Tyres This ChristmasMerseyside Police will be routinely checking tyres this Christmas period, to crack down on the number being used that are in a dangerous state.

Merseyside Police Will Be Routinely Checking Tyres This Christmas

Aside from driver error, there are three things that can kill you in a car: tyres, brakes and steering. The only one of these we can all check easily in less than a minute is the tyres.

Wear and Tread Depth

The law states that there must be 1.6 mm depth of tread across the central three-quarters of the tyre. To test the grooves, place a 20p coin into one. If you can see the raised edge of the coin, then your tyre is illegal.

Tyre Pressure

Incorrect pressure is dangerous and can waste fuel. Under-inflation the most common problem and checking it is easy. As you approach the car, look at where the tyre touches the ground. If the bottom looks more squashed than the top half, it needs a closer look. The weight of the car means there will always be a bit of squashing, but if one tyre looks different to the others, it needs more air.


Lots of things can damage a car tyre. The most common are hitting potholes or kerbs – or something like a nail becoming embedded in the tyre. Potholes can have sharp edges that rip a tyre’s sidewalls. Pinching the tyre against a kerb when parking can cause a bulge in the sidewall. A foreign object such as a nail can be harder to spot, but if it doesn’t cause a puncture, it can lead to a gradual loss of pressure.

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