Repairing your Alloy Wheels Now!

Scuff N Scratches, is a well-known car body repairs workshop in the heart of Liverpool. With a team of highly trained professionals, we carry the capability to fix any kind of wear or tear that is caused to cars. Ranked among the best refurbishment centers in Liverpool, we have technicians that are able to work on any of the vehicles that are brought into us. In addition, we are specialists in alloy wheel repairs.

Scuff N Scratches Repairing your Alloy Wheels Now!

Alloy Wheel Repairs Before

There is an array of services that we offer for vehicle repair and maintenance. Some of these include:

  • Car Paint Repairs
  • Alloy Wheel Repairs
  • Car Scratch Repairs
  • Car Dent Repairs
  • Car Bumper Repairs
  • Car Detailing
  • Fleet and Van Body Repairs
  • Classic Car Restorations

Alloy Wheel Repair

When buying a car in today’s market it is normal for the vehicle to have alloy wheels included. However, with the passage of time, there are chances and they stop looking as good as they did. There are many times that damage is caused and not realised until much later.

In these situations the best solution is to get it repaired rather than replacing with the new ones. This said you need to know where to take your car to have the alloy wheels repaired. Scuff N Scratches, car body repairs Liverpool, will provide the assistance needed to repair your alloy wheel and make your vehicle as good as it ever was and ready to be put back on the road.

Alloy Wheel Repairs After

The extent of the damage to your alloy wheels can be quite disturbing to look at and you would never think that they is anything that could be done to put them right again. This is the mistake that is often made and the one that costs you money, because your first thought is to rush out and buy replacement alloy wheels instead of first contacting us here at Scuffs n Scratches, where we can assess the damage for nothing and then save you a fortune by repairing your alloy wheels for you. If the damage is only superficial you may want to consider alloy wheel refurbishment instead. 

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