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At CPR Liverpool Car Body Repair Liverpool we are specialists in saving you money when returning your leased car.  We always advise you that you need to be very aware that when the leasing company says the car must be returned in good condition, with an allowance for fair wear and tear, what that actually means. The finance company or lease hire company will have the vehicle inspected, and you will be assessed a charge for excess wear and tear as shown under the guidelines of the BVRLA – British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association. 

Save Money With CPR Liverpool

Leased Car Repairs

Having your car or van lease hire vehicle inspected by us at CPR Liverpool before it is returned & you could potentially save yourself a fortune! Your car or van will be inspected by the lease company or finance company when you return it and any areas of damage deemed to be “excessive wear and tear” will incur a penalty charge to the value of their estimation of the cost of repairing the damage.

What could I be charged for?

According to the Consumer Rights Experts website and under the guidelines of the BVRLA – British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association penalty charges are most often assessed for:Rips, stains, burns and tears on seats, damaged or scratched paintwork or bodywork, bodywork chips and dents and damaged wheels and wheel trims.lt is not uncommon to see excessive bills for the most minor of car body repairs, so about five weeks prior to returning the leased car or van; you should begin your preparations and sorting out any damage. Start by calling CPR Liverpool Car Body Repairs Liverpool to book your car or van in with us. Also, gather together all the keys and leasing documentation that came with the car or van. If you’ve fitted any non-standard equipment (which should only be done with permission) it should be removed before returning the car or van.However in the event of any problems or disputes between you and the leasing company that can’t be resolved, you can contact the BVRLA (if the company is a member) and fill out a complaint form on their web site.So what you waiting for call Scuffs n Scratches Liverpool car scratch repairs specialists today and save money on your leased car return.

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