Save Money Returning Leased Cars

With the new registration plate just round the corner, many leased cars are due to be returned or exchanged for new vehicles. This is when many lease hire companies will scrutinise every nook and cranny of the vehicle and present companies with a bill for car body repair work. At CPR Liverpool, we tell Liverpool and wider afield Merseyside companies to say simply NO! as we can help you save money returning leased cars.

Lease Car Repair Specialist

Leased Car RepairsAt CPR Liverpool leased car body repair Liverpool specialists we provide a range of professional cosmetic leased car repair services and can take bumper scuffs, dents, cracks, scratches and chips away. We don’t just do work on leased vehicles as we can also expertly remove dents to your personal, company vehicle whether it is a car or van and provide specialist Liverpool alloy wheel refurbishment services where we bring your worn, kerbed and lacklustre wheels back to their former showroom best.We have many years experience and can undertake all aspects of car bodywork repairs from superficial bodywork damage such as chips and scratches to more major accident repair work such as a dent or damaged bumper. We use an industry standard paint system which consists of around 45 colours and thousands of paint combinations. We can recreate any manufacturer’s colour by simply typing a paint code into our computer system and mixing the correct amount of the necessary colours to find the perfect match. Car bodywork damage is removed using a combination of sanders and papers. Once we have prepared the surface colour is applied and sealed with a clear coat, then the car is de-masked and polished where needed. The result is renewed bodywork back to its showroom finish.

CPR Liverpool Car Body Shop

CPR Liverpool provides Liverpool car bodywork repairs and retouching for customers throughout Merseyside and have worked on a full and wide range of car makes and vans. Call CPR Liverpool car bodywork repair specialists today on 0151 909 3450 and let us help you save money returning leased cars for your company.

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Joe Woodhouse

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