Scrapes, Knocks and Bumps Insurance Claims

Bumps Insurance ClaimsIs cosmetic car insurance just another fad? It offers cover for the little scrapes that you would not claim for on your normal policy. But is it good value for money?

Scrapes, knocks and bumps insurance claims

Cosmetic car insurance is a fairly new product that is designed to cover damage like paintwork chips, scratches and small dents and scrapes – the things you would not normally risk your no-claims discount over, or that could be repaired for less than the value of your car insurance excess. It won’t cover anything mechanical, and it’s not intended to cover the major damage. If you claim on one of these policies then instead of leaving your car at a Liverpool body shop for a few days, a mobile repair unit pops round to your home or workplace to repair the damage. Different insurers offer different guarantees on the work.

Is cosmetic cover worth the money?

If you are a regular victim of trolley damage in the supermarket, then you can see the appeal of having a professional repair, although these policies have a maximum payout and a strict limit on the number of claims you can make. That’s why a lot of motorists feel that these policies are too expensive on top of their regular car insurance cost when you factor in their own excess charges. It may be more cost-effective, if you have a minor scratch or scrape, to use a Liverpool body shop to repair the damage. It often costs less than your insurance excess, and it protects your no-claims discount.

CPR Liverpool Car Repair Service

CPR Liverpool is Liverpool’s experts in car body repairs and alloy wheel refurbishment. Whether you have a scratch, a dent or a ding that needs to be repaired, we have the expertise to bring your vehicle back as good as new.  Our Liverpool car bodywork repairs are done at our Repair Centre near Liverpool City Centre. Call us on 0151 909 3450 today.

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