Should You Fix The Dent On Your Lease Car?

Should You Fix The Dent On Your Lease Car

If you lease a car, then you will know that it is a great way to save money on motoring. However, when the lease comes to an end and you have to return the car, there can be a lot of hidden charges. If you have a dent on your lease car, it may be cheaper to have it repaired yourself rather than paying the dealership’s penalty charge.

Should You Fix The Dent On Your Lease Car?

Because a leased car isn’t actually yours, you have to keep it in good condition and return it in a good condition. We know that keeping a car in pristine condition is actually harder than it sounds. Accidents happen, and the penalty charge for returning a lease car with a scratch or a dent can be eye-watering. However, you can avoid damage charges by keeping your lease car maintained and ensuring that an expert fixes any damage before you return it. You should not wait until the car is inspected, as the company may simply apply a charge straight away. It is better to contact a reputable car repair specialist like CPR Liverpool a month or so before the lease ends and get the work done well before the leasing company asks to inspect the car. The leasing company will not shop around for the best repair price – they will simply apply a standard, inflated charge, whether or not they actually have the car repaired or not, so it is in your best interest to act!

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Stop before you pay a damage penalty, and call CPR Liverpool car body repair centre for a lease car repair quote: we are Merseyside’s experts in everything to do with vehicle repairs, and we can usually fix any damage for far less than the leasing company’s penalty charge. Call us today for a quote for lease car body repairs and alloy wheel refurbishment in Liverpool on 0151 909 3450.

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