Summer Car Cleaning Advice

Summer Car Cleaning Advice

We all know we should regularly clean our cars, but are you doing everything you can to minimise damage to your paintwork? Read our summer car cleaning advice article for more information…

Summer Car Cleaning Advice

Here are the most common errors people make when cleaning their cars.

Dirty wash accessories

 If the cloth, sponge or another accessory you are using to wash your car gets dirty, you can transfer the first back on to the paintwork again. This leaves swirl marks and can even cause abrasion. To avoid it, use two buckets when you clean your car — one for clean water and one for rinsing off your accessories. This prevents dirt from coming into contact with your car once it has been removed.


Make sure the shampoo lathers on the paintwork well, with plenty of foam. It’s the lather that lifts the dirt from the paint. Too little shampoo, and you’ll have to work harder to get the car clean — and scrubbing can cause scratches and swirl marks. Never allow shampoo to dry on the car – rinse it off immediately after washing.


Never wax a car in direct sunlight. The heat will make the wax set before you’ve buffed it. Instead, park somewhere shady and work in sections, applying wax to a panel at a time before buffing to a shine.

What’s Inside Matters Too!

Your car’s interior also takes a pretty good beating in summer. Like the exterior, you’ll want to keep it clean and protected. Use the right cleaning products for it – whether it’s leather, vinyl or cloth. Be sure to vacuum all the nooks and crannies. There are some other ways to minimise heat damage. Whenever possible, park in a garage (or at least in the shade). If you park in the sun, try face the rear of the car at the sun to minimise UV damage to the dashboard.

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