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Alloy Wheel Repairs Liverpool

Alloy Wheel Repairs in Liverpool

So you’ve got your dream car and as careful as you can be, you take good care of it then one day you pull up against the kerb and you hear that crunching noise and when you see the damage your day goes downhill as you  imagine the repair cost. Or it could be that have just bought a decent set of Alloy Wheels and you now need them to be repaired.  Finding decent Alloy Wheel Repairs in Liverpool can be a bit of a minefield.

Accidents most certainly do happen and scuffed, kerbed or  damaged alloys are always going to happen at some point unless you are extremely careful with your alloys and constantly maintain them. We all live busy lives and being this careful is almost impossible.   Look out for your local Alloy Wheel Repair centre in Liverpool.

There is no law stating that you have to repair your damaged alloy wheels – you can leave the damage as it is but unless it is repaired, it will probably cause more damage to your alloy costing you more money to repair later on. A question you need to ask yourself is “why replace your alloy wheels when you can have them refurbished?”  This saves you money. If you plan to sell your vehicle, potential buyers may be put off by the unknown cost of repairing the damaged Alloys so its best to have it done so that you get the best price for your car or van.   Is it worth travelling outside your area for decent Alloy Repairs in Liverpool?  It depends on your type of wheel and finish. So lets explain what the difference is  between Alloy Wheel Repair and Alloy Wheel Refurbishment?

This can be quite confusing to the person needing the Repair to be done. The difference between refurbish and repair is that refurbish is to rebuild or replenish with all new products & materials; to restore to original (or better) working order and appearance while repair is to restore to good working order, fix, or improve damaged condition.

Alloy Wheel Types

Standard Alloy Wheels or Traditional Alloy Wheels

Where it is painted with a powder coating or a wet spray technique in the same colour.  It is not the paint finish that distinguishes the type of wheel but how it was actually constructed during refurbishment

Diamond Cut (or polished) Alloy Wheels

If your wheel has a super shiny polished look that look like the back of the CD disk. then this is usually after having them with a Diamond Cut Finish. The wheel can have both diamond cut and painted finish on separate parts of the wheel & will have a part polished polished metal finish with a layer of laquer over the top for protection.

A Diamond Cut finish is produced by going over the face of the wheel with a machine so its very much a specialised process. They will have 2 tones and look like a designed work of art giving any type of car a real sporty look. They previously were sold as an upgrade when buying your new car but nowadays cars are having them as standard part of the car. You may see on internet that diamond cut alloys are more prone to corrosion to standard alloys but this is not true, they both corrode at the same rate. With Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels there is a limited amount of times can be refurbished because in the end too much of the Alloy is removed – normally 1-2 times before the wheel can become weak and it is compromised. Our advice is not to do it anymore than twice as you don’t want to have future problems with your Diamond Cut Alloy Wheels. To find your local Alloy Wheel Repairs in Liverpool, keep reading.

Split Rim Wheels

Split Rim wheels usually easily identified as they have a set of small bolts around the end of the wheel. The split rim wheel is made of two parts and held together by the small bolts. This type of wheel can have diamond cut finishes or both , it depends on the owners choice.  When our specialists work on a split rim wheel, they have to remove all bolts which take time to be able to separate it and split it. The parts are then refurbished and when complete the wheel is put back together with the bolts in place. It normally costs more to have this process done on a split rim wheel a there is more time and work required.

Before looking around for a decent Alloy Repair Specialist , have a think about the following advice:

Some Car Body Repair Shops advertise that they do Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Repairs but very few of them actually have the correct equipment for them to complete the job to a professional standard.

Refurbishing wheels back to the original factory standard doesn’t just mean that you give them a gentle sanding, wipe down and apply paint. Specialist equipment is used to fix chips, cracks and scratches. Then a thorough coat of paint is applied then the varnish is applied to bring back the shine. For the alloy to be restored, the set of alloy wheels needs to be removed from the vehicle and they are.  The best Alloy Wheel Repair center in Liverpool is as follows.

Alloy Wheels on Leased Cars

Its advisable to have your Alloys repaired if you have a leased car or van because the Leasing company will impose huge penalties when you hand the vehicle back. So even if only one wheel is damaged, it is so much worth getting the alloy wheel repaired before handing it back to the Leasing company.

How is an Alloy Wheel repaired?

You need to see the extent of the damaged Alloy Wheel so it is best to clean the wheel to remove all traces of grime and dirt to see the extent of the damage.

Once dry, we then mask off the tyre so that it is not touched during the repair process

We then gently sand down the area to be repaired and apply filler to the damage. Once this is dry we then gently sand this area again which prepares it for primer and paint to be applied

Then the Technician will colour match the alloy wheel to ensure that the correct paint is applied.

The paint is sprayed over the wheel which will cover the filler, and primer and it is then blended into the rest of the original wheel colour.  Once the paint has dried, we then apply a coat of lacquer to give a high polished finish.  Where do you start to find the right Alloy Wheel Repair Center in Liverpool?  Keep reading…. this blog is very informative…..

How much does Alloy Wheel Refurbishment cost?

Prices can vary for Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Repairs between Car Body Repair shops and the higher end prices will be more Professional establishments where you know the job will be done to a high standard and will be perfect. Beware of going to the lower end of the prices because you will end up in possibly having to pay more to fix the bad job to restore the Alloy Wheel finish.

General Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Repair prices will vary between Painted Alloys £50 per wheel and Diamond Cut Alloys between £50 to £130 per wheel depending on the damage on the wheel – all prices are subject to VAT @ 20%.

It is important to find Alloy Wheel Repairs in Liverpool that will give 100% Guarantee that the work they will do will be perfect, then you know that you have peace of mind. Why replace your alloy wheels when you can have the refurbished? Keep reading for your expert Alloy Wheel Repair Center in Liverpool or Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Center in Liverpool.

One last point to make is that whenever you get a mixture of iron, metal, and other elements like water and oxygen together, this equals rust or corrosion. So the best way to prevent it is to keep them apart; keep them clean regularly to avoid future corrosion of your alloy wheels – this is so that you don’t have to keep paying out for your Alloy Wheel to be Repaired.

Alloy Wheel Colour Change

When having your alloy wheels repaired , you can also choose to change the colour altogether to give your care a totally different look and can make it look more sporty or refresh the overall look. By choosing this, you can choose whichever colour that you prefer.

As well as  Alloy Wheel Repairs in Liverpool, we also offer this Alloy Wheel Colour Matching Service so that if you want to change the whole look of your car, you can change the colour of your Alloys. To find out more have a look at our website  http://www.scuffsnscratches.co.uk/alloy-wheel-repairs

Are you still lost in the minefield of finding the right Alloy Wheel Repairs  in Liverpool?  Its a no brainer……….. you are the master of your own destiny, you just need to follow the link and you have found exactly what you need to make your life better.

Alloy Wheel Care

One last point is that now that you have your attractive alloy wheels, it is best to keep them in tip top condition. When there is a mixture of iron, metal, and other elements like water and oxygen together, this equals rust or corrosion. So the best way to prevent it is to regularly clean them to avoid future corrosion of your alloy wheels – this is so that you don’t have to keep paying out for your Alloy Wheel to be Repaired.

Alloy Wheel Repairs in Liverpool

Here at CPR Car Body Repairs we give this 100% Guarantee to give our customers peace of mind in that what service we will provide will be exactly what they requested. With 22 years of experience in Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Repairs , we think that our experience in Alloy Wheel Repairs speaks for itself. We have repaired many different makes/brands of Alloy Wheels to the satisfaction of our customers. We offer a drop and shop service where you can drop your car at our garage ¼ mile outside liverpool city centre and we will drop you in liverpool city centre so you can lunch or shop then we will be happy to collect you. Or if you want to make a nice day of it, you can be dropped off at the Titanic Hotel which is around the corner from us and you can lunch, have a spa treatment, whatever you want. All you need to do is put your trust is us, we won’t let you down.

Or you can visit our CPR Car Body Repair Shop at 60-61 Love Lane, Liverpool, L3 7DD or call us on 0151 909 3459

For more information get in touch for a free no-obligation quote you can visit our website http://www.scuffsnscratches.co.ukor you can fill in our online contact form .  Or why not show your love for us and like our social media pages to keep up to date on what were doing?

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