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Classic French Vehicle Liverpool

Classic Car Restoration in Liverpool

So you want to Restore a Classic Car?

Classic cars are an item of great beauty that is so underrated nowadays.  However there are always some enthusiasts, who are considering to commence a Classic Car Restoration Project. You may end up spending lots of time and money on your project and it doesn’t turn out how you envisioned it to be.  When restoration is completed correctly, there is profit to be made from Classic Car Restoration in Liverpool.

Classic American Cadillac Before Restoration

Classic American Cadillac before restoration

When thinking about purchasing an old rusty Classic Car for Restoration it is advisable to follow these tips:

Classic Car Bodywork 

This normally the worst part of the project because of the unseen problems that emerge after you have dismantled a few parts of it and see what horrors may be  hidden beneath.

It would be good to chat with your local Classic Car Club and speak with somebody who has the same or similar Classic Car and maybe has experience in this Classic Car Restoration or maybe you can go to your local Classic Car Restoration Body shop in Liverpool – Questions you can ask are what tools and approximate working area would you need for your Project.  They can also advise you on possible problems that you may come across and mistakes that you may potentially make.  Its good advice to choose a car where the car parts are easily found in the UK in case you need them so that this problem doesn’t mess up your restoration project or that it ends up costing you more because you have to have that particular part specially made. You can search the internet to see what parts are available or Car Clubs or Forums.  When you find the car that you want and when it comes to buying parts , it may be a good idea to buy two of the same part as you may need it in the future if you are planning on keeping the car, just in case it becomes obsolete.

Area to work in

Be aware that a Classic Car Restoration can be done in a normal size garage but its not advised as it may delay the project and can be very uncomfortable whilst doing your Restoration Project.

If you have stripped the various parts off the car then you will work on each one individually (while the car is in the normal size garage) and you will need for this work to have space to dry separately from each other. You may also be clambering over lots of other stuff in the garage to do the work you want to do to you car. Keeping the area organised and tidy is a must for you to be able to work on your project


The most important tools that you need are spanners, pliers, hammers and screw drivers – these will allow help you to take apart the parts that you need to get the exact finish that you need.  A telescopic magnet will be useful for when you  drop a nut or bolt right into the engine area.

Heavy tools and technical machines may be essential at times during your project but they can be expensive so you may need the assistance of a Classic Car Restoration Specialist in Liverpool or whatever area you at some point during your Classic Car Restoration.

How to know what to look for what needs Restoring?

Have a look on You tube for ‘How to Restore your classic car’  maybe put your cars make in the search box too.  This will bring up lots of videos by Classic car enthusiasts that may show you how to fix that problem that you can’t get your head around.  Have a look at the internet for forums and car club sites that can advise on Vintage Car Restoration.  All the information you need is available on the Internet.

When you get in touch with somebody who can help, maybe you can ask them the car’s weak areas and other areas to check.  It would be a good idea to ask a Classic Car Restoration Specialist advice to ensure that you are going along the right track.  This advice will help you to plan what needs to be done in what sequence and also help you to get a budget together which is important.  You can’t restore a Classic Car without knowing how much it will cost you because one day you can hit a wall with finances and can’t go any further so your project flounders then can eventually stop.

Classic American Army Vehicle Restoration Liverpoolation

Classic American Army Vehicle Restoration Liverpool

Classic American Army Vehicle Restoration in Liverpool

Completed Classic American Army Vehicle Restoration in Liverpool

Looking for a Classic Car Restoration Specialist?

Its important to choose the right Specialist wisely and for them to understand your vision in full because mistakes can be devastating to your vision and may end up costing you lots more money and time and can mess up the look of the Car that you were going for.  Look at the website of the Garage & Google and Social Media for Reviews.  You are most welcome to look at our website for more information https://www.scuffsnscratches.co.uk/classic-car-restorations/

Restoring the Engine

If your ok with using spanners and happy to clean parts and measuring certain things then you can probably restore an Engine.  When stripping the parts of an engine, its important to take the parts and have them chemically cleaned.

Replacement Panels

The availability of replacement panels may take a while to find and when you do find them then see if you can buy extra panels to use in future when you need them.

Some types of Classic Cars will have the panels or parts easily available but some will be very hard to find.  Rot can be a problem for Vintage Classic Cars because this will cause the panels need replacing instead of repairing.

When it comes to fitting the panels , this can be very troublesome, if the panels are screwed on this will be easy to do but some Classic Cars have different body work and the panels need to be welded on so its best advice to leave this to the experts unless you have welding experience.

Restoring the Paintwork

Its very important to do the paintwork last because if you need to drill holes you don’t want to be drilling through a freshly painted panel  Some people are excited to see the finished car looking amazing that they rush the job and don’t think it through properly.  Its more important for the car to be running and working than the paint work to be finished.

A decent Classic Car Restoration Specialist will strip the cars panels , doors and other parts off to its bare shell to see what work needs to be done on each part.  They will make sure that every hole needed has been drilled and that all wiring runs freely before putting the parts back together.  Its imperative to have the mechanical parts in working order before the bodywork is put back together.  

Restoring or Replacing Upholstery

Both restoring or replacing upholstery is quite tricky and a novice would be well warned not to attempt and to get a professional in to get the right look.  The structure of each seat will be quite complicated and if you tried to restore or replace it yourself, it will be hard to get it just right.  Sometimes your Classic Car Restoration Specialist in Liverpool can help with this.

Restore or Replace Interiors

Depending on the condition of the interior of your Classic Car, you may be able to tidy it up with a clean, wax and polish but if its in a bad condition, then you will need to replace and these are available to buy on the internet.  If you decide to replace the interior yourself  you will need specialist tools and get advice from the various other places that I have mentioned already.  Also sometimes to go to your Classic Car Restoration Specialist in Liverpool may help to save you money, time and a massive headache.

Classic Car Restoration Insurance

You can insure your Classic Car Restoration Project in case you run into difficulties, the information on this can be found on the internet.

You can also leave your Classic Car Restoration Project to the experts – it may be time to look for your Classic Car Restoration Specialist in Liverpool.

Here at CPR Car Body Repairs , we look at Classic Cars as Projects that will take a lot of time to complete.  We can do whatever your project requires and we go a step further always assisting  the customer to gain the vision that he had always dreamt of.  The costs will be reduced if we have the cars for a while so that we can work on them in between fast paced jobs in our workshop.  We can also help you to spread the cost over a period of time and you can make part payments as the Project moves along.


For more information and to view other photos, you are most welcome to visit our website: https://www.scuffsnscratches.co.uk/classic-car-restorations/


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Good luck with Restoring your Classic Beauty!  Remain patient, there will be some bumps along the way but it be so worthwhile in the end.

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