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How to find the best Car Dent Repair company near you

Oops! You’ve done it again! (A bit like Britney!) you’ve gone and gotten yourself into another dent mess. That’s assuming that is the reason why you are reading this blog. Don’t worry, dent repairs aren’t as expensive as dealership prices would have you believe. They add a wad of money (profit for them) on top of their prices and that’s what you pay.

There are plenty of highly trained Body Repair professionals out there to help repair your car for a price that you can afford. So take the first step towards finding the right Car or Van Dent Repair Company in the Liverpool area for you now!

Car Dent repairs and dent removal are a process where the dents on your car are corrected returning your vehicle to how it was pre-accident or prang.

Car Dent before during after repair

Car Dent Repair process Liverpool

If you’re like most people, car dent repairs or car dent removal are not at the top of your list of things to do. But when a ding or dent appears on your car, it’s important to take action and get it fixed as soon as possible. Dent repairs are not expensive if you know where to look.

This article will provide you with information about Liverpool body shops as well as mobile car body repairs and how to assess to find the right one. It’s not difficult for a company that can carry out Dent Repairs to extend their repair area and fix your car Bodywork. You may have your bumper repaired if the dent resides there but if their damage is deeper then you may need your car repaired. If you have car scratches then you can request the technicians to see if they can do these repairs for you too.

Liverpool Dent Repair before and after repair

Liverpool Dent Repair before and after repair completed

So what types of Dent Repairs are there in the Liverpool area?

So you want a fantastic job doing, so let’s start at the beginning, Dent Repair services come in three basic types:

1. Dent Removal:

Dent removal is a process where the dents on your car are repaired with paintless dent repair. This can be done without repainting if there isn’t any damage to the sheet metal of your vehicle and usually approx around £100-£300. Dent Removal Liverpool is a very popular option as it’s less expensive, however, since the process does not involve removing paint or fillers then this will leave an ugly mark that can be seen from a distance on some dents.

2. Dent Repair:

Car Dent Repair services allow for the new paint to be applied and the dents removed. Dent repairs also take longer to complete and cost higher than paintless dent removal services, but you won’t have to deal with the pockmarks from Dent Removal. Car Dent Repairs usually cost around £300-£600 so it’s not as expensive as a dealership would have you believe. Body Shops provide an excellent job in Dent Repair at a reasonable price in the North West.

3. Mobile Dent Repairs

These guys offer a convenient and can be an affordable alternative to traditional body shops. Mobile technicians use the latest technology and equipment to fix dents or car body repairs quickly and efficiently.

Most repairs can be completed in less than an hour, and sometimes same-day service may be available

Insurance companies may cover the cost of mobile dent repair services. You would need to check your Car Insurance for this.

The only downside of using a Mobile Smart Car Dent repairs service is that although the price may be good, the quality of work isn’t as good as a Body Shop would do it so it may be visible to the naked eye.

Dent repairs may be categorized into two types:

Insurance and Non-insurance.

The difference between Insurance and non-insurance dent repairs is the level of service you receive.

With insurance, your Insurance claim will be processed by a claims expert who has extensive experience in handling all types of accident damage. This means they’ll take care not only about restoring the car or van from liaising with the Body Shop regarding the quote to ensuring that the correct parts are used right through to paying for this to allow you to collect your car.

With Non-Insurance – you have no claim to make as you are not insured so basically you will have to pay for the cost of your repairs out of your pocket.

After knowing what Dent Repairs you require, it is time to find the company that is best for you. How to find the Best Car and Van Dent Repair Company in your area?

Where to find Dent Repair services in Liverpool

Now that you have a basic understanding of the three types of Dent Repairs available, let’s talk about where to go and how to find them:

Here are a few ideas to help you out:

  1. There are multiple ways to find a Dent Repair company. The first is the internet, this is an effective method however it can be overwhelming. For car or van owners who wish to get their vehicle fixed after a collision accident, Independent Liverpool Body Shops are the obvious choice. They offer a quick and effective service that leaves cars looking almost like new. Body shops include all the necessary equipment and professionally trained Body Shop technicians to get the job done right. Car or Van Dent repairs can usually be completed in a matter of hours. This helps Liverpool vehicle owners to get back on the road as soon as possible. This is especially important for Liverpool business owners to worry about being without their cars or vans for too long.
  2. You might not be able to avoid a little ‘bump and grind’ with another car but if your car does have multiple dents from accidents, the last thing you want to do is take it straight to a cheap Dent Repair Liverpool company – as this could result in more damage being done.
  3. Word of mouth from a family member or friend is always a good option. Or you can go on your local community Facebook page and ask local people to recommend a Dent Repair Company in Liverpool.
  4. Reviews can be found online. You can search on Google & and you will find lots of reviews if the Body Shop that you are looking at is good enough to receive reviews. Don’t forget, the customer has to be happy with the job done for them to take the time out of their day to write a review.
  5. Double-check that the Body Shop that you are looking at actually does Dent Repairs as part of their list of services. You don’t want to go looking at reviews if they don’t do this service. When searching on Google, input the following keywords like Dent Repair Liverpool, Dent Removal Liverpool, Car Dent Repair Liverpool, Van Dent Repair Liverpool, etc. will help narrow down which Dent Repair services are available.
  6. Go to your local Dealership – Dent Repair prices at a dealership are likely to be very high, so it is often better to get Dent Repair done at a Liverpool Body Shop near you. Dent Removal services in Liverpool tend not to have as large an operating budget as a dealership, and will sometimes give discounts on Dent Repair prices!
  7. Find a Smart Mobile Repairer in your area. Always be aware that the service provided by the Body Shop will be of a higher more professional quality as they do the job perfectly whereas most dealerships hire mobile repairers who cannot get the same finish as a body shop due to the elements and problems of working outside.
Car Rear Arch Dent before and after repair

Rear Arch Dent before and after Liverpool Repair

If you have a Lease Car to return to the Lease company, you will need to get a Body Shop repair as the Leasing company will notice the damage that has been repaired by a smart mobile technician and they will charge you for making the repair invisible and their charges can be hefty.

Questions to ask:

  1. How much does Dent Repair cost at a dealership or with a Body Shop or mobile smart repairer?

2. Where are you based? check mileage and ease of finding and getting there.

3. Do you have a Guarantee?

4. How long will the job take to complete?

5. Do you take Insurance jobs?

6. Will you liaise with the Insurance company (free of charge) on my behalf to save me the stress of doing so?

7. Will you give me your best advice?

8. Are they are insured? This is very important in case of a claim for bad workmanship and they don’t stand up to their Guarantee

Mercedes Dent Repair before and after repair completed

Mercedes Dent before and after repaired in Liverpool

Make sure that you’re getting a written estimate with all of the costs included before you sign anything

Car and van dent repair can be a difficult process. There are many factors to consider before choosing the right company, such as cost of service and location.

Hopefully you will find all the information you need for finding an excellent body shop that will fix your car or van dents quickly & efficiently. Let us know what questions we may have missed by posting below in the comments section. Have you any advice for us to add to this blog?  Please share by adding to the comments section below.

Here at CPR Car Body Repair Liverpool, we have been doing Dent Repairs in Liverpool for Cars and Vans since 1997 and between us, we have over 60 years of experience. So we are excellent at our knowledge and the level of service that we provide.  With regard to all of the questions noted above, we would say yes, 8 times over!  That’s what we are all about!

DON’T DESPAIR we can repair your Accident Body Repairs in Liverpool.  Here at CPR Car Body Repairs, we supply the following services:

Car Body Repairs

Dent Repairs

Bumper Repairs

Alloy Wheel Repairs

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment

Body Shop Repairs

Classic Car Restorations

Car Paint Repairs

Car Scratch Repairs

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