Will Changes To The Driving Test Reduce Accidents?

Reduce AccidentsChanges to the UK Driving Test are coming: If you’re taking your practical test on or after the 4th December 2017, it will be slightly different to previous tests. The big question is, will this reduce accidents?

Will Changes to the Driving Test Reduce Accidents?

Your driving instructor will most likely already have prepared you for the changes, but here’s what’s new.


The independent driving part doubles to around 20 minutes and includes a section where drivers have to follow directions from a sat nav. If you’re a technophobe, don’t worry, the examiner provides it! One in five candidates will be asked instead to follow road signs. You won’t be marked down for missing a turn or going the wrong way, so long as you do so safely.

You’ll no longer be asked to reverse around a corner or to make a three-point turn. Instead, one of three reversing manoeuvres will be randomly chosen for you:

  • parallel parking
  • pulling into a parking bay and reversing out
  • reversing into a parking bay and driving out
  • Pulling up on the right-hand side of the road, reversing two car lengths then moving back into the flow of traffic

You’ll also:

  • carry out a stop at the side of the road
  • pull out behind a parked vehicle

And may be asked to do:

  • A hill start
  • An emergency Stop


During the test, you’ll be asked to answer two questions:

  • A Tell Me question – For example, ‘How do you check your lights are working?’ or ‘How do you check the engine oil level?’
  • A Show Me question during the driving section – such as washing the windscreen or switching on the fog lights.

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